USB Converter

USB Converter

With the popularization of the USB interface, USB has become a necessity in computer systems.

In order meet the needs of users using older interfaces, ATEN launched many USB Converters to fulfill the market demands of converting between USB and other interfaces, including USB and RJ-45, RS-232 and IEEE-1284.

ATEN hopes to provide users with the most complete interface solutions.

ATEN USB Converters

UC-210T UC-210T

USB 2.0 to Ethernet Converter

The UC-210T is a 10BaseT/100BaseTx auto-sensing USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapter that provides an external plug-and-play LAN connection for PCs, notebooks,......

UC-232A UC-232A

USB to RS-232 Adapter

The UC-232A USB Serial Adapter provides an external plug-and-play RS-232 serial connection for computers, notebooks, laptops and handheld computing de......

UC-1284B UC-1284B

USB Parallel Printer Cable

The UC-1284B USB to Parallel printer Cable allows PCs, notebooks, laptops and handheld computing devices that support the USB specification to print t......

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Hot Products :


Allows operators to monitor and access their computers from remote locations.


brings dualhead video functionality to ATEN's USB KVM switch technology. Now, four dual head computers can be accessed and controlled from a single console


ATEN's new 4 port audio enabled DVI KVM Switch is designed for the multiple DVI enabled PC and Mac owner


Link four USB computers to one USB console for a complete USB system compatible with all operating platforms


The CS-64A feature a 50% smaller desktop footprint than traditional compact KVM switches


Independent Switching for Speaker & Mic


Simultaneous Monitor Display


PS/2 Connectors, 300m remote control


USB 2.0,Magnet Pad, Lightweight


HDTV A/V Switch, IR Remote Control


High Resolution,Audio Support


Expandable, Audio Support


Dual Interface, Dual Slide Support, External PS/2 Mouse


Detachable front panel, Graphical OSD & Toolbar


Tri-bus Support, Detachable Front Panel, Array Mode


Dual-bus, RADIUS server support, Array Mode.


Memory Set Button, Easy Installation