Success Story: China Mobile Telecommunication Server Room Demo System Solution

I. Analysis of Requirements

The system displays the contents of 22 servers on 3 screens via 3 ceiling-mounted projectors installed inside the server room. Contents of each server can be displayed via any of the projectors at ordinary times. If it is needed to display the contents of all 22 servers on the 3 screens under the control of the tour escort when there are visitors, these servers can be operated normally by operators. An IP-based remote control console is equipped for server management over the Internet.

II. Products

ALTUSEN KM0432 Matrix KVM switch
ATEN CS-9134 4-port KVM switch
ATEN VS-82 2-port Video Splitter
ATEN CN-6000 KVM on the NET
CPU Module: KA9170 (USB interface)
Console Module: KA9222(PS/2 interface)


III. System Description

As it is needed to link up 22 servers, one Altusen KM0432 Matrix KVM Switch is used to execute the network management of all servers, and there is room for future expansion. According to the customer needs, we connect the keyboard and mouse of the server to the KM0432 with the USB CPU module KA9170 and Cat.5 cables. In video, the VS-82 splitter is used to split video output into 2 outputs, with one transferring signals to the local display and another to the remote projector via the KM0432 and the CPU console module. In doing so, every server can be operable from their own keyboard, mouse and display; i.e. without affecting the original operation of servers. At the same time, users can execute management of individual servers with the KM0432 switch.

As for the projectors, one CS-9134 4-port KVM switch is used to select 3 KA9222 console modules for controlling the source of individual projectors to fulfill the needs of the solution. That is to say, users can select the video from any of the 22 Servers connected. Moreover, the CN-6000 IP-based KVM on the Net is equipped on the system to facilitate remote network management over the Internet.


IV. System Advantages

1. Centralization of control for optimal and efficient network management:
The solution centralizes the management of all servers, so that the status of all servers is seen on the screen at the same time. Network Administrators can execute remote management of servers via the Internet. Every server is manageable and maintainable from the LAN.

2. Effective reduction of costs
The organized arrangement of cabinets, KVM switches and other equipment helps minimize space use in buildings, which is a significant influence on cost control. The CAT5 cable is used to connect the CPU module and console module, allowing a maximum distance between systems of up to 150m to facilitate space planning and hardware management.

3. System safety enhancement
The KM0432 is equipped with a 3-level password protection mechanism: super administrator, administrator and user.

4. Potential Expandability
When comparing with the functions of existing KVM switches, KM0432 provides extra CPU connection ports and console connection ports for future expansion; i.e. even if users wish to expand the scale of server room by adding hundreds of servers, all they need to do is to select the appropriate KVM switches and connect to the above architecture without changing it. In doing so, users will not need to purchase so much equipment because of server room expansion.

5. Practical
No matter whether in the LAN, the projector or the Internet, the solution can control the display contents and manage the servers; i.e. the solution fulfills all needs of the customer鈥檚 demo system and is suitable for use in a real application environment.