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GN0116 Guardian Over the NET™
Learn what preventative measures can be taken against international corporate hacking by utilizing the GN0116... more
CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch
Incorporating both dual PC control and a file transfer function, the CS661 allows Albert, a system support engineer, to view the status of the user's computer and make any necessary changes through his laptop; and transfer driver files directly... more
CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch
ATEN not only offers solutions for more efficient server room management but also the very handy CS661. With the CS661, Jimmy, a network administrator, can take his laptop with him when inspecting or working inside the server room... more
CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch
The CS661 supports Dual PC Control and File Transfer functionalities. The Dual PC Control feature means Kelly, a SOHO freelancer, can control her netbook directly through another laptop. As to the File Transfer function allows her synchronize files between the two laptops easily... more
CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch
The CS661 offers KVM switch functionality for two USB-enabled laptops or PCs. It enables Eric to operate his laptop and desktop simultaneously from a single console; and to display the laptop screen in full-screen mode on his larger desktop monitor... more
CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch
The CS661 offers simple plug and play KVM switch functionality for two USB-enabled laptops or PCs. It allows Oliver, a product manager, to set either the desktop computer or the laptop computer as the primary control console... more
CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch
The CS661 is light and compact and provides Dual PC Control. It can be carried wherever you go. With these features, it helps David, a sales rep, to give product presentations efficiently when visiting clients... more
CN8000 KVM on the NET™
The CN8000 is an ATEN external over-IP solution for switches that do not have built-in over-IP functionality. It allows operators to monitor and access severs from remote locations. Find out how the CN8000 can increase your work efficiency many times over... more
KE8220 Wireless Presentation System
This small yet convenient system takes your meetings to the next level. It allows you to display wireless presentations and access remote computers. In this short film, you'll see for yourself just how amazing the KE8220 is... more
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