KVM Series Brief

This all-in-one design is perfect for optimal sharing of between 2 and 4 computers for any SOHO desktop or digital living room and can be tucked out of sight for desktop discretion.


  2/4 port PS/2 KVM Switch
  CS-62A / CS-64A
2 port PS/2 & USB KVM Switch
2/4 port USB KVM Switch
CS-1732A / CS-1734A / CS-102U / CS-104U

The Minitower Series is the ideal choice for the SOHO and the multiple PC owner. Stand the Minitower Series up and save valuable desktop real estate; for the larger desktop, lay it down flat and out of sight.


  2/4 port PS/2 KVM Switch
  CS-72A / CS-74A

ATEN's Master View Series provides advanced connectivity for up to 2 to 4 computers, ideal for today's high tech workstation and SOHO environment.


  2 port PS/2 & USB KVM Switch
  CS-1742 / CS-1744
  2/4 port USB KVME Switch
  CS-1772 / CS-1774
  2/4 port PS/2 KVM Switch
  CS-912 / CS-914 / CS-82A / CS-84A / CS-142 / CS-124A
  2 port ADC Mac KVM Switch
  2/4 port DVI KVM
  CS-1762 / CS-1764 / CS-1262

These reliable KVM switches are designed to fill the needs of moderate to larger sized business installations, streamlining PC and server management while accommodating for upgrade and expansion.


  4/8 port PS/2 KVM Switch
  CS-9134 / CS-9138 / CS-88A

ATEN's rack mountable solutions for medium to large installations are designed for maximum dependability under the most demanding applications; ideal for server rooms, data centers, ISPs and test labs.


  4/8 port PS/2 KVM Switch
  CS-228 / CS-428
  4/8/16 port PS/2 KVM Switch with Audio
  CS-1004 / CS-1008 / CS-1016

These high multiple professional KVM switches provide advanced network management and require minimal rack space. The Max Series features the Slideaway™ KVM Console Switch providing a built in LCD, keyboard and touchpad for at-the-rack server access and maintenance.


  8/16 port PS/2 KVM Switch
  ACS-1208A / ACS-1216A
  8/16 port Slideaway LCD KVM Switch
  ACS-1208AL / ACS-1216AL / CS-1208DL / CS-1216DL / CL-1208 / CL-1216
  Slideaway Console
  CS-1200L / CL-1200
  8/16 port USB KVM Switch
  CS-1708 / CS-1716
  4/8 port PS/2 & USB KVM Switch
  CS-1754 / CS-1758

ATEN's KVM On the Net empowers today's IT administrators with anytime, anywhere remote access to their KVM switches over a TCP/IP connection, an essential tool for ensuring 100% uptime of servers.


  CE-120 / CE-220 / CE-250 / CE-700 / CE-300
  CV-130 / CV-131A / CV-131B / UC-100KMA / CV-100KM