Professional DVI USB KVMP Switches with 3D take you to the world of 3D vision!
3D is already in big demand in the TV marketplace and the simple fact that everything is brought to life in such a dramatic way only adds to the excitement. 3D technology has been incorporated into many different fields. Not only is 3D beneficial for entertainment purposes, but for teaching and instruction techniques, and a wide variety of monitoring applications. Without 3D, we would not have experienced advanced graphics, seeing a physical object in a solid form within video games and animated films.
3D animators contribution to the film, broadcast and gaming industries is growing faster than ever. To meet this trend, ATEN is now making DVI USB KVMP Switches with 3D that are more fun, professional and advanced than ever. CS1782A/CS1784A, and CS1642/CS1644 are now compatible with nVidia 3D visions. In addition, these advanced switches feature Dual Link DVI, dual view technology and a built-in USB 2.0 hub for peripheral sharing, making them ideal for professional users, power users and high-end gamers who require multi-computer control of cutting-edge multimedia applications and computer environments using true high definition and 3D capabilities.