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Computing Device Manufacturer
To ensure the high quality of their products, computing device manufacturers must perform rigorous testing procedures before allowing their products to ship. The manufacturer has a large number of devices that need to be tested, and each test engineer must monitor and access multiple systems simultaneously. The ALTUSEN KN2116A, with its Panel Array Mode™, allows an engineer to view the status of up to 16 test units at the same time – thereby improving work efficiency, considerably increasing time savings, and significantly reducing the idle time of each unit on the testing rack.
Tailored Products

product KN2116A
KVM Over the NET™
  • Panel Array Mode™ – Simultaneous monitoring of the status of all test units on the rack
  • Multiplatform support
Solution Features

  • Remote Management
The solution gives production line supervisors the ability to conduct real-time management and control of the manufacturing equipment from remote desktops just as if they were doing it right there on the production floor.
  • Complete Control
The solution allows BIOS–level and OS-level access – giving test engineers complete control over production line systems from their remotely located workstations.
  • Simultaneous Monitoring
Monitoring the status of each production stage from just a single monitor is easily accomplished when Panel Array Mode™ is invoked. Production line engineers can view the screen displays of up to 40 systems – each in its own panel – on their desktop monitors.
  • Eliminates Distance Restrictions
In large manufacturing facilities with equipment dispersed over the entire production floor, planning the design layout is complicated and troublesome because the numerous devices that need to undergo testing, traditionally can't be located too far away from each other. By using Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling, together with distance extension features, the solution eliminates the distance restrictions – providing convenient and flexible equipment deployment.
  • Efficient Collaboration
In order to successfully complete their tasks, engineers may need to collaborate with each other – often when the physical layout of the factory makes it impossible for them to meet face–to–face. The solution provides Access Modes that permit an engineer to share access to, and control over, a system with the collaborating engineers. To avoid conflicts and facilitate cooperation, a convenient Message Board function allows them to communicate with each other in real time.