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LCD / TV Monitor Display Testing
DVI and HDMI are the two most popular digital interfaces used in computers and consumer electronics, including display devices such as LCD monitors, HDTVs and projectors. To guarantee high quality products, display device manufacturers have to conduct rigorous quality control tests before allowing their products to go on the market. The quick and convenient duplicating capability of VanCryst™ DVI/HDMI video splitters provide increased testing efficiency, giving manufacturers big savings in terms of time, labor costs, and far fewer returns.
Tailored Products

product VS0108H
8–Port HDMI Splitter
  • Duplicates a single video output to multiple displays
  • Easy comparison of video quality among multiple displays
  • Simplifies testing procedures
  • High resolution / High quality video
Solution Features

  • Control System Integration for Flexible Testing
The built-in RS–232 serial port allows you to effortlessly integrate your own control system and customize the control process according to your needs, including the ability to turn the audio/video on and off individually – allowing the audio and video signals to be tested separately. RS-232 based customized control processes also reduces labor costs on the production line.
  • Cost Effective Expansion
If your requirements call for more displays, you can simply cascade additional units to accommodate your needs.
  • Rapid Response – Increased Efficiency
The solution features rapid response – signals can be output quickly to improve testing efficiency and reduce costly delays on the production line.
  • High Compatibility
The ATEN products are designed and tested to ensure they are compatible with industry standards and support a wide variety of video input/output devices – delivering the quality and reliability you can trust on the production line.