The ATEN Control System can easily be deployed into an existing installation in a variety of commercial and educational environments, as it seamlessly integrates with any hardware device, including. A/V equipment, video matrix switches, cameras, power supplies, conference systems, projector lifts and more. The ATEN Control System is perfect for meeting rooms, conference centers, boardrooms, classrooms or any room that requires complete control of all hardware equipment.
Single-Room Control - Multiple Functions
With the ATEN Control System, a room can easily change function based on the user's needs. By toggling between different profiles on a tablet computer or mobile device, the room’s function can adapt to different scenarios for different purposes. For example, a meeting room with audio, video, lighting and display equipment can instantly transform into a party setting with dimmed lights, loud music, a disco ball and a video on the screen – with a tap from the tablet or mobile device. This hardware adaptation and control can be suited to any room for any occasion.
Multi-Room Control – Central Administration
Taking control of a single room is simple but the administration of multiple rooms can be challenging. By installing the ATEN Control System, administrators can control how devices are used in each room. By importing the profiles for each room to a tablet computer or mobile device, administrators can quickly view how each room is being operated at any time and monitor the status of particular hardware for maintenance and technical assistance. This efficient approach simplifies management and makes it much more effective regardless of the installation’s scope.
Digital Signage

The Bierkeller
Three jointly-owned pubs located in an entertainment complex were looking for a solution that allowed them to easily and effectively control the 60 televisions located across their three venues.

Meeting Room

Optoma corporate headquarters decided to renovate its meeting room with a high-performance presentation and conferencing system. They wanted to showcase their own high definition audio-visual equipment in the best possible light.

Banking & Finance
Video Wall

A major financial services and trading corporation from Singapore recently decided to expand and update its system of news and data feeds. The upgraded system would need to consolidate control of all company video walls into a single, centralized system with distributed security, access, and reconfiguration controls.