Success Story
The VM1600 is widely applicable in diverse business environment where all sorts of pro-A/V equipment are used to broadcast live programs and examine real-time events across multiple screens that are tiled together contiguously, or to share consistent video feeds over many individual displays simultaneously. Despite the setup scope, the VM1600 works its magic by simplifying the installation in a more organized and manageable fashion while contributing to total system performance.

A government institution in Korea has successfully adopted the VM1600 solution to accommodate their needs for various training programs. This cost-effective solution not only saved cost on additional accessories to integrate with all key equipments, but also facilitated system operations with elevated efficiency.

A world renowned casino in Asia successfully adopted the VM1600 to deliver live feeds from many surveillance cameras in the casino to multiple displays located in the server room, and a 4x4 video wall set up in the control room simultaneously, so as to provide effective monitoring of all activities.   

More Applications

Sports Broadcasting
Program directors at broadcasting control rooms need the capability to reliably switch video and other interactive content to manage gaming operations, and eliminate blank screens or time-delays.

Real-time monitoring can be critical as every second counts. Operators in a control room must be able to highlight specific locations or spot areas over a set of screens while browsing live video feeds on different displays.

Display panels or monitors of different sizes are often seen at expos or conventions to form one large screen for playback or simply distribute various video feeds individually. A solution to efficiently deliver video output in changeable layouts is crucial.

The capability to switch between different input sources for timely outputs in any layout and to centrally manage source devices can be challenging. A streamlined A/V management system is vital in live video presentations.