Success Story: China Life Insurance Company
(Mainland Region)
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I. Analysis of Requirements

China Life operates many servers that contain a massive amount of important transaction records and customer data which are maintained by several network administrators. Real-time centralized control and management as well as data security are China Life's two major goals. The main issue that administrators must now contend with is how to go about managing the massive database, associated software applications and over a hundred mainframes.

The aim of this solution is to enable several administrators to concurrently manage over a hundred servers. Each of them will be able to independently take control of individual servers as necessary.

II. System Outline

In China Life's server rooms there are 128 servers. The use of four Altusen KM0432 Matrix KVM Switches allow control to be switched between all servers. Each KM0432 connects four console modules, enabling four network administrators to independently select the mainframe server they wish to control. The KM0432 also connects 32 CPU modules, and each mainframe server can connect a CPU module over a Cat5 network cable. This means 32 mainframe servers can be connected to each KM0432, allowing them to be controlled.

China Life's hundred plus mainframe servers were purchased over a long period of time from a variety of suppliers, and their specifications vary according to their intended function. Altusen can provide different CPU modules to match different types of servers. Examples include the PS/2 CPU module (KA9120), SUN CPU module (KA9130), SUN USB CPU module (KA9131), serial devices CPU module (KA9140) and the USB CPU module (KA9170). These allow the purchasing requirements of different servers to be met.

Can the KM0432's inter-switch connections be made as a Daisy Chain or a Cascade to create a centralized control structure? In the China Life project, the Daisy Chain approach was used. A dedicated connecting cable was used to link up each switch's daisy-chain port, and each KM0432 was also connected to 32 mainframe servers using CPU modules and Cat5 network cables. This means that with just four KM0432s, this arrangement allows all 128 mainframe servers in the server rooms to be remotely controlled.

III. System Advantages

1. Excellent Hardware Expandability: Through chaining, the KM0432 can control up to 2048 server mainframes of different specifications (PC, Linux, Mac and Sun), so it has great expandability and flexibility. The accessory modules and Cat5 network cables allow the KM0432, the mainframe server or the control terminals to be as far as 150M apart. This allows the optimal utilization of scattered floor space. For China Life, even if new servers are added in the future this additional requirement will be easily met.

2. Cost-Effective: The KM0432 takes up only 1U of rack space. Together with the control terminal equipment space and costs saved by chaining, this effectively decreases China Life's expenditure on hardware and office space.

3. High security level: 4 control consoles, protected by 3 levels of passwords - Super Administrator, Administrator and User. Data security of China Life is therefore ensured. There is no conflict even though data is controlled by multiple users.

4. Intuitive Interface: can be easily managed using hotkeys or OSD menu displays. No extra software required.

5. Meets China Life's requirements for high quality in products adopted for use. Functions such as automatic signal adjustment, firmware upgrades, Keep-Alive power outage protection makes the Altusen KM0432 KVM switch China Life's best partner for administering its servers.