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5 Star Hotel, Hong Kong

A 5 Star hotel in Hong Kong has recently created a multi-purpose function room to be used by its international guests. The function room requires a minimal yet sophisticated A/V installation that will echo the hotel’s sleek design and focus on quality.

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Building and Construction Material Supplier, Australia

One of Australia’s leading building and construction material suppliers recently encountered a number of challenges as it expanded into the digital age with a comprehensive Computerized Control System to ensure high-quality production.

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Primary School, Hong Kong

A primary school in Hong Kong is looking for a major upgrade to its A/V multimedia system. The school requires up to 1080p signal transmission from 6 different sources (VGA and HDMI) to 1 website and 13 displays (VGA and HDMI) across their campus.

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Broadcasting & Media

Today’s broadcasting and media environment demands versatile, adaptable, and forward-thinking solutions. With media delivery and technology evolving at a rapid rate, media professionals are now looking toward multi-platform content support, efficient power management, and immersive image delivery. Professionals in the field require the power to access content remotely via stable, secure, and fast multimedia data channels.

Quality Products

As a world-leading connectivity provider, ATEN superbly integrates its connectivity expertise with its cutting-edge A/V products to produce quality solutions for media professionals. ATEN solutions provide reliable and consistent audio / video feeds witho

Effortless Collaboration

With ATEN’s exclusive features, engineers can easily prioritize tasks, take complete control of a system, or share access with collaborating engineers. Additionally, ATEN’s multiplatform support allows combination of PC, Mac, Linux, and Sun computers- as

Real-Time Distribution, Monitoring, and Control

ATEN solutions provide direct connection and zero- latency distribution, ideal for time-critical applications. Powered by ATEN’s unique Scalers and seamless engines, ATEN's Seamless Switch™ Series delivers fast and precise video streaming without delay.


Media Center

Central Asia´s largest media center was opened in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The media center occupied 80 thousand square meters of space, equipped with modern facilities serving for various types of studios - broadcast channel, television program, social program, news submission, and five large movie theaters...

Meeting Room

A gaming company conducts regular sales meetings wherein the president presents gaming market information from different regions. The company wants a solution that enables the president to control and switch from different sources to different displays using a wireless console (monitor, keyboard and mouse) that is compatible with their current installation...

Post Production

A freelance CGI (Computer-generated imagery) artist specializing in 3D and FX technologies for the film industry often needs to switch between Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems to leverage different types of software against specific task requirements...

KN4132, KL1100, CC2000, YangZhou Broadcasting Television Network CO., Ltd. (YZBTN), China

KN4132, KL1100, CC2000, YangZhou Broadcasting Television Network CO., Ltd. (YZBTN), China

YZBTN's network coverage encompasses Yangzhou City, providing Internet access to over 50% of residents as well as broadband digital TV access to 98.5% of residents. The company adopted ATEN’s Over-IP data center solution to successfully reduce IT costs, save space and ensure efficient management of its continuous expanding infrastructure ...

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CC2000, KN4124v, KL1000, Japan Digital Serve Corporation, Japan

CC2000, KN4124v, KL1000, Japan Digital Serve Corporation, Japan

Japan Digital Serve Corporation (JDS) was established in 2000 to support the digitization of cable TV. In recent years, they have been making a strong effort to provide advanced services for cable TV companies throughout Japan. In 2010, they initiated the “Cable Gate Service” to create and operate a mobile site. In 2011, JDS used cloud computing to offer an “Integrated Cloud Service”. By supporting cable TV companies in various aspects, JDS enriches the digital multimedia experience of service subscribers.....

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KN4140v, CE250A, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS), Japan

KN4140v, CE250A, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS), Japan

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS Television) is one of the major TV stations in Japan. The company was founded in May of 1951 as Radio Tokyo. It was the first commercial broadcast station in Tokyo area. In 1955, the company's new building was constructed in Akasaka and television broadcasting had stated ...

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