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5 Star Hotel, Hong Kong

A 5 Star hotel in Hong Kong has recently created a multi-purpose function room to be used by its international guests. The function room requires a minimal yet sophisticated A/V installation that will echo the hotel’s sleek design and focus on quality.

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Building and Construction Material Supplier, Australia

One of Australia’s leading building and construction material suppliers recently encountered a number of challenges as it expanded into the digital age with a comprehensive Computerized Control System to ensure high-quality production.

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Primary School, Hong Kong

A primary school in Hong Kong is looking for a major upgrade to its A/V multimedia system. The school requires up to 1080p signal transmission from 6 different sources (VGA and HDMI) to 1 website and 13 displays (VGA and HDMI) across their campus.

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Teaching technology and techniques are evolving quickly. Technology has now become a critical educational resource that has helped lessons to become more personalized, collaborative, and interactive. Educators are taking advantage of various innovations to improve teaching effectiveness, learning outcomes, and even extend the reach of institutional resources.

Comprehensive Solutions

ATEN’s diverse range of solutions is able to satisfy the needs of all educational institutions – large and small. From control of all hardware devices in a room, to accessing servers, to campus-wide digital signage applications, ATEN can provide comprehensive solutions to suit any budget.

Real-Time Distribution and Control

ATEN solutions provide direct connection, zero-latency distribution of data, making them ideal for time-critical applications. ATEN’s flexible and scalable frameworks can provide seamless support for applications as demanding as distance education.

Collaborative Learning

ATEN’s range of KVM, A/V, and Control System products allow teachers to easily share information from teacher to student, student to teacher, and student to student. Partnering with ATEN transforms the classroom into a dynamic, modern space.


Live Video Camera System

In cooking schools, students need to cook food at their own table while following their instructor’s demonstrations. In order to enhance the teaching-learning experience, the school decided to use cameras to transmit close-up video of what the instructor is cooking and broadcast it to monitors for students at different locations to easily see ...

Classroom Broadcasting System

A university in Thailand that has 55 classrooms wants to upgrade their video broadcasting system from analog to HDMI to offer its students an improved educational experience. In addition to recording and saving teaching videos using an HDMI camera and video conferencing system in each classroom, they need HDMI signal distribution devices that meet the following requirements ...

Classroom Projector System

With increasing demand for multimedia exams, a university applies ATEN's Media Matrix Solution to effectively deliver different exam questions from data center to multiple classrooms. The A/V signals can be seamlessly transmitted over long distance. The Media Matrix solution is also fully compatible with the existing control system in data center ...

Server Room Solution, National United University, Taiwan

Server Room Solution, National United University, Taiwan

Established in 1972, National United University is a state-funded university located in Miaoli City, Taiwan. The University established a second campus in 2014. This resulted in the need for a new service room to store all the additional student administration details ...

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Advanced MDS, English School, Macau

Advanced MDS, English School, Macau

The English School in Macau provides many classrooms located at various floors from G to 11. To provide the best learning environment, each classroom is equipped with two LCD TVs for displaying teaching content. Therefore, the school needs a A/V distribution solution meeting the following requirements ...

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ATEN eco PDU Offers Real-time Power Consumption Statistics and Remote Power Control

ATEN eco PDU Offers Real-time Power Consumption Statistics and Remote Power Control

One of the universities in Hong Kong has various classrooms with multiple electronic devices. Students are allowed to use them for events and usually leave without closing the devices. As a result, the electrical expenditures increased and staff had to walk from classroom to classroom in order to switch the devices off, which consumed a lot of time ...

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