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5 Star Hotel, Hong Kong

A 5 Star hotel in Hong Kong has recently created a multi-purpose function room to be used by its international guests. The function room requires a minimal yet sophisticated A/V installation that will echo the hotel’s sleek design and focus on quality.

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Building and Construction Material Supplier, Australia

One of Australia’s leading building and construction material suppliers recently encountered a number of challenges as it expanded into the digital age with a comprehensive Computerized Control System to ensure high-quality production.

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Primary School, Hong Kong

A primary school in Hong Kong is looking for a major upgrade to its A/V multimedia system. The school requires up to 1080p signal transmission from 6 different sources (VGA and HDMI) to 1 website and 13 displays (VGA and HDMI) across their campus.

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Today’s transportation industry is looking for new ways to effectively use technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. To meet these challenges, organizations require solutions that are flexible, expandable, provide centralized management, and reduce manpower demands.

Centralized Control

ATEN solutions create optimized work environments through centralized control, with the added peace of mind of secure remote access. Multiplatform support allows a combination of PC, Mac, Linux, and Sun computers- as well as Serial Interface devices- to happily coexist on a single installation.

Real-Time Distribution, Monitoring and Control

ATEN solutions provide direct connection and zero-latency distribution, ideal for time-critical applications. Powered by ATEN’s unique Scalers and seamless engines, ATEN's Seamless Switch™ Series delivers fast and precise video streaming without delay.

Comprehensive, Quality Solutions

ATEN has a comprehensive range of solutions that have the flexibility to deliver on any project scale. High-quality signals can be effortlessly transmitted over large distances without noise or distortion. In addition, ATEN products undergo rigorous health and safety testing, including Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and vibration reliability tests.


Data Center

To shorten the traveling time and expand the living territory of urban residents, K Rapid Transit Corporation was commissioned by the City Government to build and operate a new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system that offers a reliable, convenient and comfortable transportation service for residents. For the MRT system’s construction, a data center was built at the ...

Passenger Information System

Terminal 1 of an Airport plans to display real time information for passengers in the Customs area, which is 100 meters away from the server room They need a solution that can work over this distance and simultaneously display pertinent information into multiple screens ...

VS184, VS0108H, KWANG IN Co., Ltd., Korea

VS184, VS0108H, KWANG IN Co., Ltd., Korea

The Sin Bundang Line is an important route on the Korean capitals metro system, carrying a high volume of passengers daily. Since the metro stations cover a wide area, the content to be broadcast in each location is different; thus in order to lower the maintenance and troubleshooting frequency, the HDMI splitters needed to be high stability, high quality and high security products ...

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