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Sinalização digital

An increasing number of public places – such as shopping malls, plazas, bus terminals, hospitals, banks, cinemas, and many other locations where groups of people gather – are moving away from traditional poster advertising and information displays; turning to digital signage, instead. One advantage of digital signage is that traditional advertising is static and quickly becomes boring.

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Soluções de salas de servidores para empresas de pequeno e médio porte

ATEN SMB Server Room Solution offers various products that boost efficiency and improve the flexibility of your server room management. ATEN rack-mountable KVM switches allow you to control multiple servers from a single console – saving your cost, time, space and energy. ATEN LCD Console integrates a rack-mounted keyboard, video, mouse console in a 1U housing – it optimizes Your Server Room Real Estate.

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Solução em extensões de vídeo

ATEN offers a wide range of video products to provide longer distance extension coupled with high-quality video transmission. The Video Extension Solution not only extends the distance between A/V source devices and display devices, but also duplicates the audio/video signal from a single source to multiple displays....

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Solução de gerenciamento remoto de quiosques

With consumer autonomy on the rise, more and more companies are streamlining customer services and cutting costs by utilizing self-service devices to offer flexible and specialized services. From internet access or information kiosks to interactive kiosks, increasing high kiosk availability is critical for building consumer satisfaction and loyalty....

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