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VM1600 changes the way you see the world!

With video displayed across multiple screens to maximize marketing, live broadcasting and real-time monitoring, timing is crucial and gets even more challenging when integrated with a video wall system.

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Lion Travel, Taiwan

To create a stimulating office environment, Lion Travel installed a total of six TVs in public corridors on the fifth floor, and three TVs in the open conference area of the same floor...

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Live Video Camera System

In cooking schools, students need to cook food at their own table while following their instructor’s demonstrations. In order to enhance the teaching-learning experience, the school decided to use cameras to transmit close-up video of what the instructor is cooking and broadcast it to monitors for students at different locations to easily see ...

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Banking and Finance

In the modern banking and finance environment, information needs to be instantly and securely accessed from anywhere in the world by the customers and associates who demand it. To create an effective data infrastructure, systems must integrate seamlessly and client and transaction data must be fiercely secure.

Advanced Security and Reliability

All ATEN products provide complete security and unwavering reliability that is compliant with leading industry security standards. Innovative features for ensuring corporate IT integrity include cost-effective hardware segregation of servers on the Internet and Intranet and the Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR), which records all operations of computers accessed through ATEN’s KVM over IP Switches.

Centralized Management

ATEN solutions create optimized work environments through centralized control, with the added peace of mind of secure remote access. Multiplatform support allows a combination of PC, Mac, Linux, and Sun computers- as well as Serial Interface devices- to happily coexist on a single installation.

Real-Time Distribution and Access Control

ATEN solutions provide direct connection and zero-latency distribution, ideal for time-critical applications. Powered by ATEN’s unique Scalers and seamless engines, ATEN's Seamless Switch™ Series delivers fast and precise video streaming without delay. ATEN’s KVM over IP Series provides access for scenarios requiring many-to-many topology. Being hardware-based, ATEN’s KVM over IP solutions also ensure greater security, reliability, and ease-of-use.


VS1504 & VE200, Insurance Company

An insurance company would like to set up LCD display in the lobby and meeting room to introduct their various insurance programs to their client ...

Desktop Computer Remote Access

A bank purchased licensed software and installed them on 3 computers in one of their branch offices. However, they want to provide clients with 7 consoles that can simultaneously access all the resources ...

Server Rooms

Worldwide Financial Institution Outfits Local Server Rooms with Altusen by ATEN 16-Port IP KVM and 17” LCD Console Enterprise Solution for Quick and Easy Remote Control

VS184, International Bank

VS184, International Bank

An insurance companyt would like to set up LCD display in the lobby and meeting room to introduct their various insurance programs to their client ...

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