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VM1600 changes the way you see the world!

With video displayed across multiple screens to maximize marketing, live broadcasting and real-time monitoring, timing is crucial and gets even more challenging when integrated with a video wall system.

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Lion Travel, Taiwan

To create a stimulating office environment, Lion Travel installed a total of six TVs in public corridors on the fifth floor, and three TVs in the open conference area of the same floor...

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Live Video Camera System

In cooking schools, students need to cook food at their own table while following their instructor’s demonstrations. In order to enhance the teaching-learning experience, the school decided to use cameras to transmit close-up video of what the instructor is cooking and broadcast it to monitors for students at different locations to easily see ...

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Changes in technology have transformed the way government services operate. Today’s tech-savvy citizens expect government agencies to maintain up-to-the-minute, secure, and reliable information that is readily available. To meet these challenges, government departments require a dynamic, scalable communication solution that seamlessly delivers information between different stakeholders and heterogeneous systems.

Advanced Security and Reliability

All ATEN products provide complete security and unwavering reliability. ATEN KVM products feature 256-bit AES and FIPS 140-2 encryption that ensures secure remote authentication and access that meet U.S. government and military mandates. ATEN also provides cost-effective systems for secure segregation of servers on the Internet and Intranet.

Trusted Partner

ATEN is a trusted and proven global partner who understands the unique and specialized technology infrastructure requirements of the public sector. Incorporating over 30 years of experience, ATEN’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they adhere to the regulations set by each country within which they are sold.

Comprehensive Solutions

At ATEN, we are able to provide government agencies with comprehensive solutions from the ground up, with the resources and experience to effectively deliver on any project scale. With expertise across KVM, digital signage, seamless switching, control systems, and green energy, ATEN can, and has, helped governments around the world maximize their performance.


Training Facility

A training organization in Korea provides various training courses and education development programs for the Navy. However, the training room in the military base is too old to accommodate their current training needs. Therefore, the organization wants to renew their training facilities and look for innovative A/V installation solutions to improve their training efficiency...

Data Center

With the increasing dependency on technology to solve major crimes, information requirements for analysis and strategic decision making has grown respectively from paper and physical files to a digital format. Given the increasing need of police officers to share information across departments, more and more police districts like the T Police Headquarters are setting up ...

MDS, Police Office, Malaysia

MDS, Police Office, Malaysia

At a police department in Malaysia, officers gather for regular meetings to discuss local security, intelligence, and government guidelines to solve problems and formulate strategies ...

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CS682, Government Institutions

CS682, Government Institutions

As the Internet has developed, so have security requirements for government institutions' computer hardware and software. Information protection and security control need to be considered in order to avoid endangering national security and personal interests, caused by the leakage of confidential information ...

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