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USB Laptop Console Adapter

The CV211 turns your laptop into a mobile console, eliminating the need to move around a large and heavy crash cart, making it an ideal solution for IT engineers to repair a computer system when the internet fails

Watch the CV211 in Action

The World’s Smallest Portable Laptop USB Console Adapter

The ATEN CV211 connects a laptop directly to any server giving you instant access to perform data maintenance and local operations for quick troubleshooting, updating, service and repair. Additionally, BIOS level access gets you into a server's BIOS during hardware and operating system failures. In our mobile age, this solution significantly reduces maintenance time for IT engineers and administrators, especially when no Internet access is available or permitted.


A compact design makes the CV211 easy to carry, and its unique clip keeps cables neat and tidy while in use or in storage


Provides full functionality with bi-directional file transfers, hotkey macros, video recording and image capture, while a convenient toolbar facilitates ease of operation


Direct, on-site, plug-and-play access to the target computer with no software installation required on either side

With its rich feature set, the CV211 is recommended for harsh environments, production lines, kiosks, cell sites and more.

Application Diagram

Direct desktop “access on the go” has never been easier. ATEN’s CV211 USB Laptop Console Adapter provides an effortless Laptop-to-Computer connection for quick and easy remote desktop access – no additional software required. The CV211 gives you complete control with the tools you need to troubleshoot IT issues, all in a small portable adapter.


  • Product Type
    Easy to connect
    Easy to carry
    Easy to use
    Power saving
    Cable management
  • Crash Cart
  • ATEN CV211
    Half a palm size
    (7.05 x 5.37 x 3.01 cm)
    (Unique Toolbar)
    (Cable Clip)
  • Sxxxxxxx
    Palm size
    (7.4 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm)