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Printer Network Tranmitter


AS248 allows users to share 8 printers via a maximum of 64 computers through switching (24 by default). It is a helpful device to SMEs.

Windows 7
  • At least 24 PCs can share 8 Centronics printers with the AS248 network by means of 4-wire phone lines.
  • Simultaneous printing capability.
  • Works in bus/star/tree topologies.
  • Data Transfer rate: 22 Kbytes per second.
  • Cable distance of up to 366m (1200').
  • Easy Installation.
  • Selects printers by software code operation.
  • No external power required.
Power ConsumptionDC 9V 5mA
Cable Length1181 ft. (360 m.)
Input ArbitrationFirst come first served
Timeout selection5 ~ 60 seconds
Connectors (Input)1 x DB-25 Male
Connectors (Output)2 x 6P4C Jacks
Unit Dimensions
Length1181 ft. (360 m.)
Unit Package Dimensions
Width5.5 in.
Height5.75 in.
Depth2.25 in.
Master Carton
Width18.0 in. (45.7 cm)
Height8.5 in. (21.6 cm)
Depth22.0 in. (55.9 cm)
Master Carton Qty.20
Master Carton Wt.16.5 lb. (7.5 kg)
Unit Pack Wt.0.65 lb.