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Energy & DCIM Management Software

eco Sensors

eco Sensors software has been developed to work with ATEN’s new generation of PE series green energy power distribution units (PDUs) to effectively increase the efficiency of data center power usage. With the use of dynamic Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI) by zone, eco Sensors software, in conjunction with sensor-enabled eco PDUs, gives you the means to assess, diagnose and estimate how much energy you can save. Following the suggestions generated by the sensor-enabled system allows you to optimize energy usage to save energy without harming your IT equipment’s reliability. The eco Sensors utility provides single portal, single login, secure, centralized, access, administration and management of up to 2500 PE devices over the network – local and worldwide – anywhere and anytime.

Because eco Sensors offers a single, integrated window-based application program to manage all your devices, users no longer need to learn the interface for each individual device or remember every device’s IP addresses, making system management easier and more efficient.
By consolidating the management of your PE devices, eco sensors allows every PE device to be accessed and controlled by means of a single interface. All outlets in different PE devices are integrated into a single tree view, making the eco sensors ideal for management large data centers and branch offices server power, located in several remote locations within the same intranet.
eco sensors is able to automatically discover all PE devices within the same intranet and has the ability to monitor/manage these devices. This software provides monitoring/managing of PE device outlet power ON/OFF/ Reboot, sequential ON/OFF of outlet, current / kWH / environmental monitoring at PDU/outlet level, name of outlet, current / kWH / environment sensor threshold setting/alert, circuit breaker status monitoring etc. through SNMP. Threshold exceed alert through System log/SMTP.

*eco Sensors is designed to work with NRGence™ PDUs, and is bundled with all PE series packages.

  • Automatic discovery of all PE devices within the same intranet
  • Remote real-time power measurement and monitoring
    - PDU level current / voltage / power dissipation / power consumption
    - Outlet ON / OFF / Recycle status
  • Remote real-time power outlet management
    - Power outlet ON / OFF / Cycle switching by outlet
    - User-defined outlet level delays for sequential power up
    - Current / Voltage / Power Dissipation / Power Consumption threshold level setting
    - User access assignment for every outlet
    - Name assignment to individual outlets
  • Remote real-time environment sensor monitoring
    - Temperature / Temperature + Humidity reading / Temperature + Differential Pressure
    - Temperature and Humidity threshold level setting
    - Add data center server racks
    - Add PE devices for each
    - Manage device/device outlet status for each plot
  • Offers essential data center indices including RCI( Rack Cooling Index ), RTI ( Return Temperature Index ), RHI ( Rack Humidity Index ), RPI ( Rack Pressure Index ), RAI ( Rack Airflow Index )
  • Power analysis report for optimizing data center energy management – including power usage, power load, power cost, CO2 cost, power capacity and trend
  • Exceed threshold alert through SMTP and System log
  • 10240 line event log
  • System log provision
  • Two-level password security
  • Strong security features include password protection and advanced encryption technologies – 128 bit SSL

eco Sensors Energy Management Software

Max PDU number2500
Data Center Layout45 x 30 / 72 x 48 / 90 x 60
Max RACK Number1250
Max Zone Number128
Power Report Data3 years
Real Time Dashboard Data1 hour
NoteFor some of rack mount products, please note that the standard physical dimensions of WxDxH are expressed using a LxWxH format.