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8-Port Power Over the NET™


The PN9108 Power over the NET™ is a control unit that provides remote power management for eight AC outlets via a TCP/IP connection, allowing administrators to control the power off, power on, and reboot status for each attached device from any computer connected to the Internet, whether down the hall, or half way around the world.The PN9108 is the most convenient, reliable and cost effective way to obtain access to your server room remotely.


Package Contents

  • 1x 8-Port Power Over the NET™
  • 1x AC Source Power Cord
  • 8x Power Outlet Power Cords
  • 8x Safe Shutdown Cables
  • 1x PON Cable (DB9 F to DB9 M)
  • 1x Rack Mount Kit (Brackets and Phillips head hex M3 x 8 screws)
  • 4x Foot Pads
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • Remote power on / off / reboot control for eight outlets via TCP/IP and a built in 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Local power on / off / reboot control via the PN9108’s RS-232 port to the computer’s RS-232 port
  • Daisy chain up to 15 additional stations to control up to 128 outlets
  • Manual switching between Local and Remote access for each port via front panel push button switches
  • Individual control of each port - users can set the power on sequence and delay time for each port to allow equipment to be turned on in the proper order
  • Easy setup and operation via a browser interface
  • Provides three configuration/management methods: Browser; Telnet; or Console Terminal
  • Safe shutdown and rebooting for Windows systems*
  • Overcurrent protection and recovery for each AC port (110 V model only) plus total port overcurrent protection (both models) - remote users can monitor the outlet status via the GUI interface on their browsers
  • Separate circuits for the unit’s power and the power to the devices - the power control status menu is still accessible even when an overload condition trips the devices' circuit breaker
  • Cumulative load measurement - remote users can view load information in amperes via the GUI on their browsers
  • On/Off scheduling - allows everything from a one-time start/shutdown, to daily, weekly, etc. starts/shutdowns at user-specified times
  • Port grouping - perform the same action on a specified group of ports
  • Current Display for easy current status monitoring
  • Out of Band (OOB) operation via terminal or dialup connection
  • Two level (Administrator and User) security
  • Detachable front panel for convenient rack mounting
  • UL/TUV approved
  • Multiplatform support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Unix and FreeBSD.
  • Network Interfaces: TCP/IP, PPP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SMTP, DHCP, ARP, NTP, DNS, Telnet, 10Base-T/100Base-TX, auto sense, Ping

    *Safe shutdown and rebooting is supported if the Power Monitor utility has been installed
  • For more information about KVMs which can connect to PN9108, see Compatible KVM Table
Voltage110 - 220 Auto Sensing
Power On1 (Blue)
On Line8 (Orange)
Station ID2 x 4 Segments (Yellow)
Remote8 (Green)
Link1 (Green)
10/100 Mbps1 (Orange/Green)
Port Selection8 x Push Button/User Interface
Power Consumption120V/60HZ/16W or 230V/50HZ/16W
Scan IntervalUser Specified: 1 - 255 secs.
Computer Connections
Daisy Chain or Cascading128
CPU Connectors
Peripherals1 x DB-9 male
Flash ROM UpgradeVIA RJ45
Humidity0 - 80% RH
Power Connections3 Prong NEMA 15AMP
Daisy ChainIn 1 x DB-9(F), Out 1 x DB-9 (M)
LAN Connection1 x RJ45
CPU or KVM ConnectionLocal or Remote
Power Switch1 x Rocker
Reset Switch1 x Semi-Recessed push button
InterfaceLocal/Remote & Manual/User Interface
Security128-bit SSL Encryption & 2-Level Password Security
Computer InterfaceLocal or Remote Interface
Console Connectors
Secondary Console1 x RJ45 (CAT5e)
Encryption128-Bit SSL
Unit Dimensions
Width17 in. (43.72 cm.)
Height1.75 in. (4.445 cm.)
Depth10.4 in. (26.0 cm.)
Unit Package Dimensions
Width4.875 in.
Height12.75 in.
Depth24.875 in.
Master Carton
Width15.5 in.
Height13.75 in.
Depth25.5 in. (64.8 cm)
Master Carton Qty.3
Master Carton Wt.50.04 lb.
Unit Pack Wt.15.70 lb.

DescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
Firmware Upgradev2.0.191 pn9108_fw_wb_v2.0.191.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.9.184 pn9108_fw_wb_v1.9.184.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.9.182 pn9108_fw_wb_v1.9.182.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.8.178 pn9108_fw_wb_v1.8.178.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.7.165 pn9108_fw_wb_v1.7.165.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.7.161 pn9108_fw_wb_v1.7.161.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.6.151 pn9108_fw_wb_v1.6.151.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.5.141 pn9108_FW_WB_v1.5.141.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.4.135 pn9108_FW_WB_v.1.4.135.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.4.134 pn9108_FW_WB_V1.4.134.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.3.121 pn9108_FW_WB_v1.3.121.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.2.113 pn9108FW_WB_v1.2.113.dat
Firmware Upgradev1.0.094 pn9108_v1.0.094.exe
OSDescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
IP Installer & Utility
IP Installerv1.2.111 IPInstaller_v1.2.111.zip
IP Installer Release Notev1.2.111 IPInstaller_v1.2.111.pdf
IP Installer Release Notev1.1.101 pn9108_IPInstaller_v1.1.101.pdf
IP Installerv1.1.101 pn9108_IPInstaller_v1.1.101.exe
PMonitor Release Notev1.1.101 pn9108_PMonitor_v1.1.101.pdf
PMonitorv1.1.101 pn9108_PMonitorSetup_v1.1.101.exe