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PS/2 & USB KVM Switch


Complete interface harmony. Bring your PS/2 console together with your PS/2 and USB computers


Package Contents

  • 1x 2 Port KVM Switch with attached cables
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Port PS/2 USB KVM Switch (PS/2 console controls 2 USB computer)
  • PS/2 console controls 2 USB computers
  • PS/2 & USB co - existence
  • Compact design, Built in 4'cables
  • With speaker support
  • ATEN ASIC Inside
Computer Connections2
Computer Port SelectionHotkey
ConnectorsConsoleKeyboard1 x Mini-DIN-6 Female (Purple)
Video1 x HDB-15 Female (Blue)
Mouse1 x Mini-DIN-6 Female (Green)
Speaker1 x Earphone Jack Female
ComputersKeyboardN /A
Video2 x HDB15 Male (Blue)
Mouse2 x USB Type A (Male)
USB(K/B,Mouse)2 x USB Type A (Male)
Speaker2 x Earphone Jack (Male)
LEDsOn LineN/A
Selected2 x Green @ Top
VGA Resolution2048 x 1536, DDC2B
Scan Interval3, 5, 10, 20 seconds
Dimensions ( L x W x H )73 x 58.5 x 22.5mm