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PS/2 KVM Adapter Cable ( CPU Module )

Coming soon Discontinued

The KA8120 PS/2 KVM Adapter Cable connects a PS/2 computer to any ALTUSEN matrix KVM switch via standard Cat 5 cable. The KA8120 features a built-in video connector, which allows it to be mounted directly to the computer's video port. It also solves the problem of cable clutter associated with KVM adapter cables that hang from the computer ports. The KA8120 employs Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) to transmit high-quality video (1024 x 768) up to 300 meters from the computer to the user.

  • Connect PS/2 computers to any ALTUSEN matrix KVM switch
  • Video connector built in
  • Fits any computer including blade servers
  • Reduces cable clutter
  • Compact size
  • Direct connection--save space and maintain a neat and tidy working environment
  • Hot pluggable--add or remove servers without having to power down the switch
  • Built in ASIC for greater reliability and compatibility
  • Superior video quality--supports resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 within the distance of up to 150m (KM0216/KM0432)
  • Super video quality--supports resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 for 300m from the KA8120 to the user console (KM0832)
  • DDC pass through
  • Auto Signal Compensation (ASC)--no DIP switch setting necessary to compensate for distance
  • Lifetime flash firmware upgrades