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17in. LCD Console, 8-port IP KVM Switch, and 8 USB dongles Bundle


This Sku combines following items


CL1000M  17" LCD console


KH1508i  1User 8-port Cst5 IP KVM


KA9570   USB CPU Dongle

Package Contents

  • 1 x CL1000M
  • 1x KH1508i
  • 8x KA9570
  • Space saving 1U slid away console
  • Built in 17" LCD monitor
  • Expandable to 256 computers
  • Cat5 interface for high density connections
  • Suppors PS/2, USB, Sun USB,13W3 (Sun Legacy), and serial interfaces
  • Multi-session view allows view all port at the same time
  • No software purchase required: use built-in OSD, browser or included JAVA or Window clients