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ATEN is joining forces with Secomp, AVIXA and HDBaseT to present the latest solutions and products in the AV and IT industry.

Get trained during this exclusive program to become an IT and AV expert! Meet our engineers in Hannover (5 Nov 2019) or Munich (7 Nov 2019) to learn the best tips and tricks directly from their hands-on experience.

Who are our partners?

Become an expert!

Become an expert in AV and IT solutions by joining this joint Solution Day.
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The program will kick-off with a warm welcome and introduction by Secomp, after which the three expert sessions will start. Upon registration, you will need to choose one.

After the expert sessions, you will be able to network with trained engineers from Secomp, ATEN, HDBaseT and AVIXA. In addition, there will be hands-on demonstrations of ATEN's 5 most popular applications (incl. HDBaseT): control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage, datacenter/IT management and SOHO setups.

Note: If you like to join 2 instead of 1 expert session, that is possible by registering for both the morning and afternoon programs. You will need to register twice in that case.

Locations and dates

Solution day: Hannover

Hotel Viva Creativo
Im Heidkampe 80, 30659 Hannover

5 November 2019Morning session: 9:30 - 13:00
Afternoon session: 14:30 - 18:00

Solution day: Munich

Dormero Hotel München-Kirchheim Messe Räterstraße 9
85551 Kirchheim bei München

7 November 2019Morning session: 9:30 - 13:00
Afternoon session: 14:30 - 18:00

Session 1: ATEN: Pro AV and IT in your daily life (1,5h)

Join this session to discover ATEN in depth. You will learn which products are used in control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage, datacenter/IT management. An experienced ATEN engineer will guide you through our top case studies.

Session 2: AVIXA: IGMP Networking (1,5h)

A look at what Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is and how it works within the network environment. Considerations with Multicast communications of and audiovisual system connection and broadcast. Have a better understanding of how the network will work to improve the flow of data.

Session 3: HDBaseT: Long distance signal transmission (1,5h)

Advanced technical training on long distance solutions. Our in-house HDBaseT trainers are in touch with installers and B2B end-users on a daily base. Benefit from their experience and learn their best-practices in different markets. Participants also get a HDBaseT certificate.


After the training sessions, all participants can discover samples and hands-on demonstrations of ATEN's 5 most popular applications: control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage, datacenter/IT management and SOHO setups. You will be able to network with trained engineers from Secomp, ATEN, HDBaseT and AVIXA.

Introducing ATEN's 5 most popular scenarios


The finest details can make the difference in your control room. ATEN provides complete control room hardware solutions, combining KVM and AV matrix switches, central hardware control and intelligent energy management.

Control room administrators need to switch seamlessly between a multitude of sources, and push and pull content to workstations and videowalls based on various user rights. ATEN helps you to manage all control room hardware from a centrally managed and custom-designed interface, accessible only to permitted users.

Datacenter, serverrooms and desktop solutions

From small to large serverrooms and datacenters, ATEN can provide worldwide over IP management for IT managers on the road, at home or at the office.

KVM over IP switches help you to manage up to 64 servers at once. Compact, rackmountable LCD consoles improve server-accessibility, while intelligent PDU's help you to keep track of energy usage and critical power alerts.

Huddle spaces, meeting and presentation area

A new presentation switch series combines multiple interfaces, often needed in meeting and presentation rooms, in a single device. In 2018, ATEN will launch its first over IP presentation switcher, with more models following soon after.

ATEN central hardware controller, splitters, matrix switches, extenders and converters already are the backbone of everyday huddle spaces, conference and presentation rooms. The new presentation switch series will be another highly professional addition to the team.

Signage and information in public spaces

ATEN hardware AV signal distribution can provide for high quality and long distance distribution, often used in retail and entertainment business. Combine sources and displays of any kind and operating systems of any type in a single, centrally managed device.

For larger distances we can count on either Over IP or HDBaseT technologies. HDBaseT is the one-cable standard for AV and IT connectivity. ATEN is a contributing member to the HDBaseT Alliance. Since 2013, we launched videowall processors, matrix switches, splitters, presentation switchers and extenders equipped with the HDBaseT technology.

The desk of the future is here

Enhance your desk experience and avoid unnecessary cable clutter by using smart tools to centralize all your gear. Connecting your laptop at your desk was never as easy, with ATEN’s docking stations. Connecting multiple devices is also made possible with ATEN’s sharing switch, docking switch or KVM switches (Keyboard, Video, Mouse). Just plug-in and get stuff done!

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