CS1716i - Online Testing


* Please note that the demo can be in use by another tester



Username: demo01
Password: demo01






1. Click the following URL:

You will see a message that the site is not trusted. The below example is from Chrome browser. The KVM uses a self signed certificate and this can not be checked by the browser. You can safely proceed. Some versions of Internet Explorer won’t let you access. Use Chrome or Firefox in those cases.




2. Login Screen

Then you will see this login screen:


Use the following credentials:
Username: demo01
Password: demo01


3. Java Client

Click on Open Java Client.


You will see the connected servers in the list. We only connected two server for

demonstration purposes.


- PC: Recent PC with 2 Gb RAM and 2 GHz Dual Core Processor

- Browser: Up to date browser: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer

- Java: Latest version of Java 7.

- Internet connection: 1Mbit/s or better upload and download speed.