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An industry's success centers on control room operations, and in today's control room environment, control room controllers are responsible for hundreds of pieces of equipment, processes and system changes. The safety of control rooms, and that of the industry, rests predominantly on the controllers' shoulders. To improve the operational efficiency in control rooms, and reduce stress, there needs to be a fast and convenient way to view and control computers simultaneously.
In order to meet the demands and provide guaranteed performance, ATEN offers the CM1164 DVI–D KVMP Control Center with advanced features such as flexible display modes, channel editor, and expandability specifically designed to empower control room controllers to better manage their environment.
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CM1164 4–Port USB DVI–D KVMP Control Center
To improve the operational efficiency of intensive monitoring applications, there needs to be a fast and convenient way to view and manage more computers simultaneously, permitting faster response times from a single location. The CM1164 4–Port USB DVI–D KVMP Control Center charts a revolutionary new direction in KVM switch functionality by combining a 4–Port DVI–D switch with a 2–Port USB hub, and more...
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Monitor and Control
This Control Room Management Solution can manage a number of different inputs, control how and on which screen they are displayed, and collaborate devices in the most efficient way. Featuring Flexible Display Modes: Quad View mode, Picture in Picture mode (Dual, Triple or Quad), and Full Screen mode, the CM1164 allows the controller to quickly scan and check the video sources, enlarge the display or change to a display size they want in real time. In addition, the drag-and-drop capability provides an intuitive interaction which controllers can easily master.
Accessibility Management
For convenient hardware deployment and maintenance, the CM1164 implements four types of user groups – administrator, power user, user and guest. Control room controllers can design the operation interface per user group with basic management and security control. In addition, each user group only sees what they are allowed to see –– when they should see it.
(DCC Daisy Chain Control Mode) Expandability
As businesses grow, the number of computers rises; consequently, the number of source devices that need to be viewed and controlled simultaneously increases.
The expandability of the CM1164 provides flexibility and allows the controller to daisy chain up to 4 units, as well as monitor and control up to 16 computers or video sources with one console keyboard and mouse. It lets you manage today's volumes, with the ready capacity to manage increased volumes and system complexities in the future.
Simple, Clear and Intuitive Interface
There are many different ways to access the computers and switch between video channels and display modes, such as front panel pushbutton, hotkeys, IR remote control and OSD via console mouse. The CM1164 can also be easily configured via the OSD, which contains a wide variety of features (DCC, Display Mode, Port selection, Channel Editor, and so on), allowing you to access, control, configure and display input sources. The intuitive interface reduces the configuration time drastically, as well as the amount of configuration errors.

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Space Saving
DCC mode enables a controller to connect up to four CM1164 units –– instead of having 4 separate console keyboards and 4 separate console mice, controllers only need one console keyboard and mouse to centrally manage and control all computers and other CM1164 units; this, in turn, saves space and keeps the control room tidy. The CM1164 can also be used in environments where there is no room for a keyboard, with both the switch and the computers controlled by a single mouse, IR remote control or front panel pushbuttons.
Effective Management
The controller's ability to manage irregular situations depends on whether the procedures and operations are efficient. With CM1164, It allows the controllers to quickly and efficiently manage and organize sources, displays and computers throughout the control room. This reduces delayed response times and allows any problems to be resolved as soon as they occur.
High–performance and Reliability
Provides high quality video displays ensuring an ergonomic work environment for the controller to depend on when analyzing information and making decisions. Operates reliably in demanding 24/7 environments, with long–lasting and low-maintenance components
Reduce operational costs
The CM1164 connects different inputs or video sources that monitor many sites with the use of minimal staff, making it a very cost effective solution. It can work as a powerful support system, which can help you make wise investment choices and achieve highest return of investment
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Traffic and Surveillance Control Rooms
Astronomical Observatory Control Room
Broadcast Control Room
Military Control Room
Also ideal for process control centers, telecom, and weather control room applications.

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