KVM For Mac Users
In general, Mac Users have the following needs for KVM: MAC to MAC (using a MAC keyboard and mouse to control 1 to 4 MACs), MAC to PC (using a MAC keyboard and mouse to control 1 to 4 MACs or PCs) and PC to MAC (using a PC keyboard and mouse to control 1 to 4 MACs or PCs). No matter what are the control specifications, one can use the USB interface to easily solve the problems across different platforms (MAC, Windows and Linux). However, one needs to be aware of the following technical problems when buying a MAC KVM:

1. The restrictions of the MAC operating system version
2. The switching problem of the MAC keyboard hot keys
3. The switching problem of the old MAC keyboard, mouse connector and the screen signal
4. Whether there is another solution on the MAC controller for the right-hand click and scrolling function of the PC mouse
5. ADC (Apple Display Connector) specification support
6. The switching problem when sharing USB peripherals (For example, flash drives, printers, card readers....)

ATEN's Solutions for the Above Problems:

1. Even though Apple was one of the earliest companies to use the USB interface, however the older version operating system did not have stable support for USB peripherals. Thus, before buying MAC KVM, you need to be aware of the logo signifying system compatibility. ATEN's USB KVM supports MAC OS 8.6 version and later.

2. How do you control the MAC system regardless of using a MAC or PC keyboard? Currently, the most common method is to design "hot keys." Using ATENs USB KVM as an example, the Key In "[Win]" on the PC is equivalent to the Apple key() on the MAC. In regards to the Window key or the other media keys on the PC, even though the MAC keyboard is used to control the PC system, there is no support on the MAC keyboard.

Note: The KVM design hot key is different between companies. Please refer to the instruction manual.

3. The old MAC keyboard, mouse connector and screen signal can use a converter to switch from MAC to PS/2, and MAC to USB. Each company has a different way of dealing with how the special signal of the MAC keyboard can be accepted by the converter. ATEN's CV160 product is the MAC to PS/2 converter (ADB and DB -15 switch to PS/2 and HDB-15).

4. Under the MAC to PC environment, using a MAC mouse cannot replace the PC mouse's right click and multimedia keys. Currently, there is a mature environment for simultaneously supporting PC and MAC mice (MAC OS X supports the mouse's right click). If the user prefers using the right click function, it is recommended that the user selects a PC and MAC compatible mouse. Thus, no matter if he/she is under a PC to MAC or MAC to PC environment, the right click mouse problem can be solved.

5. ADC (Apple Display Connector) interface is a combination of digital image signals, USB signals and power. Thus, by using an ADC cable to connect to the display, the user not only lowers the number of cables used on the desktop, but can enjoy optimized digital imaging quality through complete digital signals. The Apple Studio LCD Display contains two embedded USB hubs, conveniently assisting the user in connecting to different peripherals. Currently, there are few KVM supporting the ADC specification. ATEN launched the ACS-1602 products to meet the demands of high-end MAC video needs. The ACS-1602 can use the DVI to ADC converter (sold separately) to connect to the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) PC systems.

6. ATEN was the first company in the industry to launch the KVMP concept (KVM + Peripheral), and has successfully commercialized the KVM products. (For more information on KVMP, please refer to the column). Using USB HUB interface and synchronous, asynchronous switching, users can conveniently and directly connect with digital peripherals between MAC and PCs. Currently, ATEN KVMP (with an embedded USB Hub) products include: CS-102U/CS-104U (2 Port USB KVMP), CS-1732A/CS-1734A (2 /4 Port USB+ PS/2 KVMP with audio support), CS-1742 /CS-1744 (2 /4 Port USB Dual-View KVMP), and CS-1722 / CS-1724 USB KVMP (PS/2 console).

ATEN is a professional KVM development and manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience and high product compatibility. Using ATEN's USB KVM series products will effectively solve the problem of switching across several PCs with different platforms.