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New Product Update
The CE100 USB KVM Extender with superior video quality and built-in ESD protection allows access to a computer system from a remote USB console It incorporates a compensation adjustment function at the Remote unit for greater video quality, and uses inexpensive Cat 5e cable, to provide a neater, more convenient, more reliable data transfer connection....more
HDMI Repeater Plus Audio De-embedder
The VC880 is an HDMI Repeater with an added audio de-embedder with 3D support that extracts and converts the audio signal from the HDMI input. This means that as well as the repeated HDMI audio and video signal output, users can also choose between analog stereo audio via RCA connectors or digital audio via optical or coaxial connectors as an additional high quality audio output ....more
Power Over the NET™ (Power Distribution Units)
ALTUSEN PN5212/PN5320/PN7212/PN7320 are Power Distribution Units that offer outlet level control combined with remote access to give IT administrators the ability to power control attached devices from practically any location via a TCP/IP connection...more
Corporate News

ATEN's DVI KVM products receive NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready certification
ATEN announced that several new innovative products from its SOHO product lines have achieved NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Ready certification. The certification signifies that these products are fully compatible with 3D Vision software and active-shutter 3D glasses, giving ATEN customers the assurance of a high-quality 3D application experience

CM0264 Receives Gold Medal Award from Techno-Kitchen
The CM0264 2x4 DVI-HDMI Matrix KVMP™ Switch was reviewed and awarded by Techno-Kitchen, one of the leading IT blogs in Russia. The product's applications and key features such as cursor shift, picture in picture and file transfer functions were highly recommended in this review video

Success Story & Case Studies
Korea Electrical Safety Corporation (KESCO)
Remotely Manage the Whole Server Room and Improve Work Efficiency with ATEN's KVM Over the NET™ and CC2000 Centralized Management Software

KESCO is a Korean pubic company that provides safety advice about how to avoid disasters caused by electricity. The company adopted 2 of ATEN's new generation KN4132 KVM Over the NET™ KVM switches that support remote management functions, along with 60 KA9120 PS/2 KVM adapter cables and 2 KA9130 Sun Legacy KVM adapter cables ..... more

Telecommunication Company : Centralized management and remote control of all servers with KN2116A & CC2000
Company T is a leading Telecommunication Company that provides various services, including postpaid/prepaid mobile services, international calls, mobile Internet, and so on. With increasing number of servers performing increasingly complex administrative tasks, the space of the original server room is not big enough and it has become an absolute necessity to build a new room for servers

Rapid Transit Corporation : Efficient centralized management of remotely and widely distributed server rooms with KN2132 & CC2000
To shorten the traveling time and expand the living territory of urban residents, K Rapid Transit Corporation was commissioned by the City Government to build and operate a new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system that offers a reliable, convenient and comfortable transportation service for residents

Superstore : Extend digital signage capabilities with VS1504 & VB552
A superstore wants to provide digital signage systems with built in kiosk billing functions and advertising capabilities. They need a solution that supports dual video outputs from the PC. In addition to displaying the billing processes on the touchscreen, advertisements can also be distributed to each digital signage kiosk through a video splitter

White Paper

New Ways to Use a KVM Switch
A white paper has been developed to introduce various new ways to use a KVM Switch. Over the years, new applications that extend beyond KVM’s original purpose within the data center have emerged. Organizations have applied KVM technology to a variety of non-data center scenarios, including kiosk management, surveillance, industrial computer control, reverse KVM and digital media/graphics environments

Application Guide
Power Management Solution for SMB Server Rooms
Most companies are continually adding to their IT server inventory such that for many, it becomes necessary to house them in a dedicated and secure server room environment. Moreover many high-end types of supporting infrastructure equipment are also purchased to support the installed servers. Critical business data and tasks require 24/7*52 reliability; deploying a high-efficiency power management solution greatly benefits the servers, supporting equipment and the IT administrators ..... more
Power Management Solution for Network Base Stations
Concurrent with the development of network technology, internet providers are rapidly expanding the numbers of installed network base stations enabling personal devices to access wireless internet virtually anywhere. Furthermore observation stations that, for example, monitor weather, debris flow, and stream flow are often located in remote and secluded areas to gather data for valuable research or forecasts. What all of these stations have in common is that they are widely distributed in various geographical and building locations ..... more
Collateral Update
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Event Review

ATEN seminar at Iran
ATEN hosted and sponsored a special seminar for IT managers of Broadcasting Corporation from July 10–16 in Iran. ATEN's KVM Over the NET™, PDUs and VanCryst™ product line were introduced to the audience ....more

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