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New Product Update
HDMI Extender with IR Control
The VE810 HDMI Extender extends your HDMI display up to 60 m from your HDMI source device using two Cat 5e cables. In addition, VE810 is equipped with IR signaling pass-through which allows the IR channel to control from the remote to local unit, to control the HDMI source, or from the local to remote unit, to control the display device....more
DVI LCD Console
The CL6700 DVI LCD Console is a KVM control unit featuring an integrated 19” DVI LCD panel, a full keyboard, and
a touch pad in a 1U rack-mountable sliding housing with audio support. The CL6700 serves as the front end sliding console for compatible DVI KVM switches. This means users who already have a compatible KVM switch can take advantage of the space saving and efficiency benefits of the sliding console module without having to purchase a KVM
switch module....more
8-Port USB DVI KVM Switch
The CS1768 8-port USB DVI KVM Switch is a control unit that allows access and control of up to 8 computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and dual–monitor (DVI–I and VGA) console. It can be cascaded to three levels – allowing up to 73 CS1768s to control up to 512 computers all from the original single console. In addition, the CS1768 comes with ATEN's new Video DynaSync™ technology, which optimizes display resolution....more
Corporate News
ATEN Japan at Inter BEE 2011 show
ATEN Japan participated in Inter BEE (International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition) show, a trade show for audio, video and communications professionals from Nov. 16-18 in Makuhari. A total of 800 companies and organizations exhibited in 1,329 booth spaces, including 466 exhibitors from 34 countries. The exhibition drew 30,752 registered visitors over the three days. ATEN showcased various new HDMI and Media Distribution Solutions from its VanCryst™ line. Visitors to the ATEN booth were mainly from video manufacturers and video production companies. Frank Chang, Director of the ATEN AV & Consumer Product Center, was interviewed by video-focused newspaper Eizo Shimbun about VanCryst™ products and plans
ATEN at DatacenterDynamics
In October, ATEN participated in DatacenterDynamics conferences held in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Warsaw. DatacenterDynamics is a series of events tailored specifically to deliver enhanced knowledge and networking opportunities to professionals that design, build and operate data centers. For the Tokyo session, Jimmy Chang, Assistant Vice President of the ATEN Green Energy Division, gave a speech on ”Utilizing Sensor-enabled eco PDUs to Safely and Effectively Manage Data Center Energy Efficiency and Productivity”. The eco PDU products were demonstrated for the first time at the ATEN booth...more
At the Sao Paulo and Warsaw sessions, ATEN cooperated with local distributors to set up table-top exhibitions to demonstrate the ALTUSEN™ series of enterprise products.  It was a great chance for ATEN to directly present our enterprise solutions to the target IT managers, Network integrators, and professionals and have further interaction with them....more
Success Story & Case Studies
CM0264, National Football League (NFL)
How does the football team win games? Coaching players through consistent reviewing of game day is how a well-developed team wins a season. To do so the football team acquired a solution to present and review pre/post-game strategy more effectively with their players. The coaches need every advantage they can get to win games. Utilizing cutting edge video connectivity technology with an easy-ready to use format that gives a team the clear advantage of unique analysis....more
CM0264, CGI Artist
A freelance CGI artist specializing in 3D and FX technologies for the film industry often needs to switch between Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems to leverage different types of software against specific task requirements.One aspect critical to working with graphic intense software across different systems is maintaining a consistent representation of color. Due to the varied gamma responses of different display devices - switching between multiple monitors can disrupt the workflow and introduce problems.... more
CS74U, Convenience Store
A convenience store chain wants to manage and run their stores more efficiently. Their aim is to control cash register transactions, protect store inventory from being pilfered by shoplifters and develop an effective training scheme for new staff. Due to cash and product losses, the management wants to implement a POS in combination with a DVR to monitor cashiers and customers in the store premises. There is also a high turnover for cashiers, and the store wants to train newly hired staff by letting them watch DVD recordings when there aren’t many customers around.... more
VS481A, Production Line
S Company, a manufacturer of personal computers decided to launch a new line of Tablet PC's. To ensure quality, S Company conducts rigorous testing before delivering products to the market. With HDMI being the most popular audio and video interface, S company's new Tablet PC will allow users to use an HDMI interface via external dock.... more
KM0932, Off Shore Infrastructure
J Company provides international construction and maintenance services to maritime infrastructure. It is one of the world's largest dredging and development companies with a fleet of more than 80 ships. Setup on board each ship is a variety of computer and network systems running different operations depending on the ships function. Critical to the completion of its mission- ships have a complex interchange of software on many servers. On board computers are setup to coordinate these functions so that the ship fulfills its duty effectively.... more
Worldwide ATEN Events
Partner Event Review

ATEN at Interop Mumbai in India
INTEROP Mumbai is India’s leading Business Technology IT Show. The event attracts IT & Technology Professionals from all across India. ATEN displayed the ALTUSEN™ enterprise solutions and PDUs at the booth... more

ATEN at Broadcast and Cable Show in Brazil
ATEN exhibited at SET Broadcast & Cable 2011 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the major Event for Television, Radio and Telecommunications Engineering in Latin America. The complete range of VanCryst™ products were showcased at ATEN boot... more

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