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Location: Office
Character: Oliver

Scenario: Oliver, product manager, has a desktop computer at his desk as well as a laptop. Oliver usually uses the desktop computer for more complex tasks, while the laptop is mainly used for paperwork or in meetings. This means Oliver has to constantly switch between his desktop computer and laptop — a real hassle.

Solution: The ATEN CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch allows Oliver to set either the desktop computer or the laptop computer as the primary control console. When another computer is connected via a USB port, Oliver can use one set of inputs to control both computers at once. Thanks to CS661's exclusive File Transfer feature, Oliver can also easily transfer files between the two computers.

Location: Client's Conference Room
Character: David

Scenario: David is a sales rep who spends a large part of his year on the road visiting clients and giving product presentations. When he arrives at a client's company, he always ends up having to spend time sorting out configuration conflicts between his laptop computer and the client's Intranet. If he wants to share a large file on his notebook computer with the client, he has to use a flash drive or burn it to a DVD-ROM. This is very inconvenient.

Solution: The ATEN CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch is so light and compact, it can be carried wherever you go. It's also Plug and Play so David can transfer files to customers without having to install anything. The CS661 can also link to the customer's public computer in the meeting room to quickly transfer presentation files. David can also connect to the Internet through the public computer's desktop window on his laptop.

Location: Home
Character: Kelly

Scenario: Kelly is a SOHO freelancer and, in addition to her notebook at home, Kelly has also purchased a new light and compact netbook so she can work on her articles while away from home. However, this means she has to synchronize the two computers when she gets home. Having to operate two computers at once is giving Kelly a headache.

Solution: The ATEN CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch allows two laptops to be connected using a USB cable. Kelly can now transfer and synchronize files between the two computers. Kelly can also control the netbook directly through the laptop without having to physically switch back and forth between the two.

Location: Study
Character: Eric

Scenario: Eric works hard at the office every day, and when he gets home, he usually has to spend a further a couple of hours working to get all his work done. Eric has a personal desktop computer at home that he uses to surf the Internet, play games and organize his photo albums. The company also issued Eric a notebook computer that he uses at home. As the network environment in Eric's house is different from the company Intranet, Eric has to change the notebook computer's network settings every time he arrives at home or at the office. The notebook computer also has a smaller screen, so Eric would rather use his desktop monitor instead. On top of occasionally having to operate both computers, Eric finds all these inconveniences frustrating.

Solution: The ATEN CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch makes all those inconveniences a thing of the past. Now when Eric comes home each day, he simply connects his laptop to his desktop using the CS661 USB cable and he can use his desktop to control the laptop. Furthermore, he doesn't need to change the network settings, since he can use access the desktop computer's Internet connection and operate his laptop simultaneously from a single console. The CS661 also allows the laptop screen to be displayed in full-screen mode on his larger and wider desktop monitor.

Location: Customer's Home
Character: Albert

Scenario: Albert is a system support engineer for a telecommunications company. He often has to visit customer's homes to set up new installations and troubleshoot problems. Albert usually takes his own laptop to the customer's home to use during installation or troubleshooting, but he also uses it to inspect the customer's computer and carry out tests. His laptop also carries software drivers that the customers might need just in case. As a result, when Albert is carrying out support work, he often has to control his own laptop and the user's computer as well. The drivers also have to be copied onto external media before they can be transferred — a very inefficient way of doing things.

Solution: Albert discovered the ATEN CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch, incorporating both dual PC control and a file transfer function. This device helps Albert work more efficiently. By connecting the customer's computer to his own laptop computer, Albert can use his laptop to view the status of the user's computer, make any necessary changes, and even download driver files directly into the customer's computer.

Location: Server Room
Character: Jimmy

Scenario: Jimmy is a network administrator responsible for managing his company's large server room. As the company has grown, the number of servers that Jimmy has to look after has also grown. While there is already a reliable and fully featured ATEN KVM switch system in place for the servers, Jimmy is still often inside the server room checking on the machines or applying patches and updates. Lately Jimmy has been thinking about finding a way to manage specific servers he is working inside the server room. This will allow him to do his job in a more flexible way.

Solution: ATEN not only offers solutions for more efficient server room management but also the very handy CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch. With the CS661, Jimmy can take his laptop with him when inspecting or working inside the server room. For servers that need to be patched or updated, Jimmy simply connects his laptop to the server through the CS661. This allows him to take direct control of that server without having to pre-install any software. The File Transfer feature of the CS661 also allows software to be copied or installed to the server computer.


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