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Product Highlights

Dual PC Control
(KVM Functionality)

Allows you to control both your computer and your laptop at the same time.

File Transfer

Enables you to quickly and easily transfer files between the two computers.

Graphical User Interface

Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy operation.

Plug and Play

Auto-run software — no manual installation process required.

USB 2.0 Peripheral Port Built in

Allows the Local computer to connect to USB 2.0 peripherals.

Match/Restore Remote Screen

Adjusts the resolution of the Remote desktop window to match that of the Local computer monitor.

Compact Design — USB connection

Built-in all-in-one USB cables — the USB cables carry the video signal as well as the keyboard and mouse signals, allowing KVM input controls to be transmitted simultaneously via the USB connection.

Desktop Scaling

Toggle Full Screen Mode allows you to toggle the Remote desktop window between full screen and window view. In full screen mode, the Remote desktop display scales to the Local user's monitor display size. In window mode, user can adjust the size/resolution of the Remote desktop window by size or ratio.

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