The CS661 offers simple plug and play KVM switch functionality for two USB-enabled laptops or PCs. It allows Oliver, a product manager, to set either the desktop computer or the laptop computer as the primary control console... more
Location: Office
Character: Oliver
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The CS661 is light and compact and provides Dual PC Control. It can be carried wherever you go. With these features, it helps David, a sales rep, to give product presentations efficiently when visiting clients... more
Location: Client's Conference Room
Character: David
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The CS661 supports Dual PC Control and File Transfer functionalities. The Dual PC Control feature means Kelly, a SOHO freelancer, can control her netbook directly through another laptop. As to the File Transfer function allows her synchronize files between the two laptops easily... more
Location: Home
Character: Kelly
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The CS661 offers KVM switch functionality for two USB-enabled laptops or PCs. It enables Eric to operate his laptop and desktop simultaneously from a single console; and to display the laptop screen in full-screen mode on his larger desktop monitor... more
Location: Study
Character: Eric
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Incorporating both dual PC control and a file transfer function, the CS661 allows Albert, a system support engineer, to view the status of the user's computer and make any necessary changes through his laptop; and transfer driver files directly... more
Location: Customer's Home
Character: Albert
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ATEN not only offers solutions for more efficient server room management but also the very handy CS661. With the CS661, Jimmy, a network administrator, can take his laptop with him when inspecting or working inside the server room... more
Location: Server Room
Character: Jimmy
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