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VM1600 changes the way you see the world!
With video displayed across multiple screens to maximize marketing, live broadcasting and real-time monitoring, timing is crucial and gets even more challenging when integrated with a video wall system.
Introducing VM1600
16 x 16 Modular Matrix Switch
The VM1600 offers real-time control and advanced access to manage up to 16 video sources and 16 displays simultaneously, through modular I/O boards in a single chassis. Empowered by ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology, the matrix switch, incorporating a speed-progressive video switching function and a unique scaler, integrates seamlessly with video wall systems - to project live video with precision in any dimension on a perfect timeline.

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Elastic Expandability
The installation is fully expandable with modular I/O boards that provide plug-n-play connectivity with an extensive portfolio of analogue and digital A/V equipment. The modular I/O boards are hot-pluggable for any occasion that requires quick replacement of A/V connections without shutting down any existing service.
Elastic Expandability
Seamless SwitchTM
ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology features instantaneous video switching to deliver Full HD video powered by an exclusive seamless engine implemented at each output port. This high-performance engine processes A/V signals by executing EDID and HDCP handshakes simultaneously at both source and display ends, scaling inputs for the best output resolution while setting the output clock timing, and using a frame buffer to retain input signal information for the fastest output.

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* ATEN's breakthrough in video switching technology
Seamless Switch
High-Availability System
The VM1600 is equipped with a spare slot for a redundant power module, in case of an unexpected power outage. This prevents single points of failure from experiencing system downtime, keeping the system highly available at all times without interrupting any existing services.