"We were able to effortlessly expand to Melbourne knowing our data was safe and that those who had permission to access it could quickly do so - guaranteed."

Controlled access

ATEN's KVM over IP Series provides controlled access to important hardware, such as client database servers. Being hardware-based, the KN1108V also ensures greater security, reliability, and ease-of-use.

Secure direct connection

Thanks to the versatility of ATEN's KVM over IP solutions, the KN1108V can also ensure secure direct connection between the local and remote offices and the secure server. Using the same hardware as the less confidential file server also means there is no second learning curve for staff.

Additional level of security

The ATEN Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) automatically records all operations conducted on the high-security server. Every operation and change, including keystrokes and mouse clicks, from the BIOS level to logging in, from running software applications to configuring the operating system is recorded and saved to a secure video in order to confirm file safety.

Complete data security

ATEN's PE2220 PDU and EC2004 Energy Box are able to monitor when the server rack's door is opened and alert administrators if reactionary measures are necessary.