"The centralized control system was simple to use - you just click on the icons and it does the rest. Our staff were able to stay focused on our patients, making the upgrade a real win."

Centralized, flexible control

The private hospital client waiting rooms integrate the ATEN Control System with ATEN's professional A/V and PDU solutions to create centralized control of the multimedia devices via an Ethernet network. The flexible professional A/V solution can easily expand as the needs of the hospital changes. ATEN's VM1600 modular matrix switch allows the hospital to choose between VGA, DVI or HDMI input and DVI or HDMI output. The current A/V combination of one VM1600 Modular Matrix Switch and two VM5808H HDMI Matrix Switches accommodates up to 32 video inputs and 32 video outputs.

Long distance deployment

ATEN's VE882 is an Optical HDMI Extender that overcomes the length restriction of standard HDMI cables by using optical fiber to send high definition audio and video signals up to 600 meters. This allowed the private hospital to easily distribute content to the nine client waiting rooms. The client waiting rooms located less than 100 metres from the central control room used ATEN's HDMI over Single Cat 5 Extender (VE812), and the televisions with DVI ports used the DVI HDBaseT-Lite Extender (VE601).

Easy-to-use control system partnered with professional A/V solutions

The coupling of ATEN's powerful Control System and its video matrix products create a user-friendly total solution for the hospital. Both the VM5808H and VM1600 use ATEN's Red Dot award winning GUI (Red Dot Interface Design Award 2015). The user-friendly interface allows the management team to effortlessly create up to 32 display profiles for the VM1600, and up to 16 display profiles for the VM5808H. The video matrix products and ATEN PDUs can then be centrally controlled using the ATEN Control System. The Control System's Configurator, the VK6000, allows system integrators to easily add hardware and create interface options for each device. The ATEN Control System is intuitive and allows individuals without a technical background to easily master it through its simple point-n-tap iPad GUI. Using this app, the hospital staff can instantly switch profiles and have it take effect in any of the client waiting rooms. They can also control the lights and televisions, turning them on and off with the tap of a button, anywhere at anytime!