New KVM Solution from ATEN Offers Built-in
USB and Ethernet Switch Hubs
  ATEN Master View USB 2.0 KVME Switch

2 / 4 Port KVM Switches with Audio Support

Now that hardware is cheap it's not uncommon for users to have two or three computers in their home. By using a KVM switch, you do not need a keyboard, mouse and monitor for each computer. A KVM switch allows you to use one keyboard, mouse and monitor to control a number of computers, and is a convenient way to save money and space.

ATEN, a well-known expert in the KVM field, recently released the MasterView series CS-1772 and CS-1774 KVM switches. Not only do they offer the basic functions of a KVM switch, but they also provide the impressive functions of a built-in 2.0 USB Hub and an Ethernet Switch Hub.

Complete USB 2.0 KVME Switch with USB Hub and Ethernet Switch Hub

The CS-1772 and CS-1774 provide USB keyboard and mouse sharing. Just connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers and microphone to the console section of the KVM switch. Then use the provided KVM cables to connect up to four computers to the CPU section. After that you can use one console to control multiple computers. Switching between computers is easy and convenient using the four push buttons on the front of the KVM switch or the keyboard hotkeys.

The CS-1772 and CS-1774 also include a 2 port USB 2.0 Hub for fast access to peripheral devices such as printers, scanners and even USB Flash drives. However, only one computer at a time can use each attached USB peripheral device (simultaneous sharing of USB peripherals is not supported). On the rear of the KVM switch are 4 RJ-45 Ethernet ports, which can be used as an Ethernet Switch Hub to create a small home network.

Friendly and Flexible

Keep in mind that the device sharing functions of the CS-1774 are controlled separately. That is to say that you can control one computer with the keyboard, while you listen to music from another computer, and print documents to a USB printer from a third computer. As can be seen, the CS-1774 is quite flexible. If you have only two computers, the CS-1772 is the best choice for you. The only difference is that it has two fewer CPU ports than the CS-1774.

--PC Weekly, Hong Kong, June 2005