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New Product Update
8-Port USB DVI KVM Switch
The CS1768 8-port USB DVI KVM Switch is a control unit that allows access and control of up to 8 computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and dual–monitor (DVI–I and VGA) console. It can be cascaded to three levels – allowing up to 73 CS1768s to control up to 512 computers all from the original single console. In addition, the CS1768 comes with ATEN's new Video DynaSync™ technology, which optimizes display resolution.....more
DVI Extender with Audio
The VE600A DVI Extender with Audio extends your DVI display up to 60 m away from your DVI source using Cat 5e cables. The use of Cat 5e cables provides a simple and reliable connection method that takes advantage of the wiring system in most modern office buildings. The VE600A incorporates ATEN's technology that allows the A/V signal to be transmitted over one Cat 5e cable ....more
KVM Over the NET™
The KN1000 is a control unit that provides remote BIOS–level access to servers or "over–IP" capability to KVM switches that do not have built in over–IP functionality. It allows operators to monitor and access their computers from remote locations using a standard Internet browser or Windows/Java based application programs, for BIOS–level troubleshooting without the need for constant on site IT maintenance. In addition, the KN1000 offers out–of–band access – including external modem support...more
Corporate News

ATEN Partner Center Revamp
The ATEN Partner Center is being redesigned in two phases. The first phase was to provide more comprehensive information, more convenient search tools and a more user friendly interface. In addition to a new visual design, this version also includes powerful search functions, and Hot News on the homepage. The second phase will include higher security protection and an improved management mechanism, and is scheduled to launch in February 2012. You are welcome to visit ATEN’s Partner Center and see what's new

ATEN KVM Extender Wizard
The "ATEN KVM Extender Wizard" is designed to give the best suggestions of the model that customers really need by guiding you step–by–step to find the right product that will work for you. The “ATEN KVM Extender Wizard” includes ATEN's full range of KVM extenders, including audio–enabled, IP–based, or RS–232 supported, that are ideal for data centers, libraries, construction sites, factory production lines and SOHO environments

Success Story & Case Studies

Poland's St. Francis of Assisi Church Installs ATEN Media Distribution Solution to Better Serve the Parishioners
St. Francis of Assisi Church in Zabierzów is seeking to outfit the church with a more functional audio and video setup that will make church services more effective, efficient, and reliable. They need an affordable and easy–to–use solution that sends out high–quality audio and video content to multiple displays in real time. With the installation of the ATEN Media Distribution Solution, the sound coming from the setup can be heard clearly from every corner of the church and the four TVs are visible to all parishioners. The MDS system solves the problem of low image quality, display interference, and a lack of access to displays

KN4132, KM0532, CL5800 and CC2000; Police Headquarters Data Center
With the increasing dependency on technology to solve major crimes, information requirements for analysis and strategic decision making has grown respectively from paper and physical files to a digital format. Given the increasing need of police officers to share information across departments, more and more police districts like the T Police Headquarters are setting up larger, more complex information systems centers deployed by their own IT professionals. To house new advanced application and database servers, the T Police Headquarters’ IT division planned to build a new centralized data center and needed to look for an efficient solution that enables multiple operators to manage up to 300 servers

KN4116 & KM0532, ODM Manufacturer
Company W is a leading ODM manufacturer that designs and releases multiple product lines – PCs, NBs and Servers for several well–known brands. With the increasing number of servers housed in its server room, along with the operators needed to work on them, Company W is planning to build a new data center and adopt an efficient solution that allows multiple operators to manage up to 480 servers concurrently. With three 32” LCD monitors in the Operation Center of the new data center that will be used for critical monitoring and control, the solution must provide secure access and high quality data throughput between the consoles and the servers over extended distances

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