Clarity, Speed, and Security — ATEN's 4th generation KVM over IP switches are designed to fit the ever-growing demand for higher video quality, faster virtual media speed, and more powerful security. With these forward-looking capabilities, ATEN's KN8 Series is able to support multiple applications, including Banking & Finance, Broadcasting & Post-Production, and Manufacturing.
Elastic Expandability
Banking & Finance
Financial institutions often have vast IT infrastructures spread across numerous countries and rely on their servers to facilitate daily business operations in foreign investment and international trade. Financial institutions must carefully consider how they can ensure secure remote access to servers while ensuring optimum performance. Additionally, any issues in data centers need to be dealt with immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Elastic Expandability
Broadcasting & Post-Production
Broadcasting and post-production companies use multiple servers for program editing. Their servers are installed in a data center in each broadcasting station and are accessed remotely by editors and animators who create digital content. The design team operates across multiple computers using keyboard, mouse, high-end graphics card, audio and high-speed USB devices. This has created a need for remote access, high resolution video capabilities with flawless performance across numerous platforms.

Elastic Expandability
There is a growing demand within manufacturing for KVM solutions which increase efficiency through remote monitoring and control of production equipment. Manufacturers are now looking for solutions that allow one operator to monitor multiple production lines, instead of one operator per production line. The adoption of KVM solutions will allow manufacturers to reduce personnel costs and increase management efficiency.