The Perfect Solution for All Vertical Markets
The Modular Matrix Switch Series is widely applicable in diverse business environments where any kind of pro-A/V equipment is used to broadcast live programs and real-time events across multiple screens that are tiled together, or to share multiple video feeds over multiple individual displays simultaneously. Whatever the setup scope, the Modular Matrix Switch Series works its magic by simplifying the installation in a more organized and manageable fashion while contributing to total system performance.

Hospitality / Digital Signage
Three jointly-owned pubs located in an entertainment complex were looking for a solution that allowed them to easily and effectively control the 60 televisions located across their three venues. 
Banking & Finance / Video Wall
A major financial services and trading corporation from Singapore recently decided to expand and update its system of news and data feeds.
The upgraded system would need to consolidate control of all company video walls into a single, centralized system with distributed security,
access, and reconfiguration controls.  
Retail / Digital Signage
The shopping mall is undergoing major renovations. They are looking to have a 5 x 5 video wall installed at the entrance of their mall.  
Broadcasting / Video Wall
One of the largest broadcasting and media groups from Argentina recently  built a new studio and was looking for a solution to connect and manage 3 TV walls that have up to 60 TVs with 12 different SDI video inputs. 
Hospitality / Surveillance System
A world renowned casino in Asia successfully adopted the VM1600 to deliver live feeds from many surveillance cameras in the casino to multiple displays located in the server room, and a 4x4 video wall set up in the control room simultaneously, so as to provide effective monitoring of all activities.  
Government / Training Room
A government institution in Korea has successfully adopted the VM1600 solution to accommodate their needs for various training programs. This cost-effective solution not only saved cost on extra accessories to integrate with all key equipments, but also facilitated system operations with elevated efficiency. 
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