Solution Diagram

ATEN’s HDBaseT Modular Matrix Solution provides seamless, stunning visual experiences across long distances. Here is an example of the solution setup.

Compatible HDBaseT Transmitters / Receivers

Model No. Transmitters and Receivers Max. Distance RS-232 IR* Video Wall 4K***
VM7514 VE801T 70 m** X X X
VE802T 70 m** X
VE601T (DVI) 70 m** X X X X
VE2812T 100 m X
VE1812T 100 m X
VE811T 100 m X X X
VE812T 100 m X X X
VE814AT 100 m X
VE901T (DisplayPort) 70 m** X X X
VM8514 VE801R 70 m** X X X X
VE802R 70 m** X X
VE1812R 100 m X
VE601R (DVI) 70 m** X X X X
VE805R (w/ Scaler) 70 m** ●**** X
VE811R 100 m X X X
VE812R 100 m X X X
VE814AR 100 m X
VE816R (w/ Scaler) 100 m ●****
VE901R (DisplayPort) 70 m** X X X

*Supports full frequency IR signals from 30 KHz to 60 KHz; however, the IR receiver cable included with the package only supports 30 KHz to 56 KHz.

**Cat 6a Ethernet cable is required to extend the distance up to 70 meters.

***4K resolutions are only available when the Scaler is disabled. When the Scaler function is implemented, the highest resolution available is 1080p. The Scaler function is enabled by default.

****For the VM8514, the Seamless Switch, scaler, and video wall functions are only available when used with the VE805R or VE816R.

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