The CM1164 Multi-View DVI-D KVMP™ Switch is the perfect partner for anyone who needs to work on multiple computers, view them at the same time and wants to be a simple click away from switching control. It's ideal for viewing information on one or more desktops while managing control of an application on another - you will no longer need to leave your seat to view or access data across four different systems. The expandability of the CM1164 provides daisy-chaining for up to four units so that you can easily switch between up to 16 computers.

A leading manufacturer of mobile tablets and smart phones has an assembly line that runs 24/7 and requires constant monitoring. The video feeds from the assembly line surveillance cameras need to be monitored in both their control room and security center on a single screen with multi-view access.

S University Hospital wants to introduce ultrasound equipment that allows doctors and patients to view high resolution images. In addition, they wish to extend the image transmission and provide split screen viewing for VIP patients and guardians in real-time.