the KE6900 / KE6940
DVI KVM Over IP Extender
World acclaimed for innovations that drive connectivity and access solutions - ATEN brings you the new KE6900/KE6940 DVI KVM Over IP Extender. Leveraging our expertise in network and video technologies we've brought together a unique blend of features that offer the optimum solution for extended application in different environments.
Over IP
Extend, split and switch keyboard/mouse, high definition video, USB and audio signals over long distances on a network via Ethernet cable
Exceptional Video Quality
ATEN's advanced graphics processor delivers the same vibrant colors and razor-sharp video quality on the remote monitor no matter how far away the console is located.
Deploy computers and stations anywhere then let the KE6900/KE6940 extend the connections flawlessly.
Scalable with Dynamic Management
ATEN's KE Matrix Manager software makes it easy to administer all KE6900 devices over a network with an intuitive user-friendly web based GUI.
Secure Data Transmission
Securing data over a network is top priority. The KE6900 series utilizes AES-128 bit encryption to secure all data before its transmitted over a network and decrypts the data on the receiver. This ensures critical information can't be hijacked or sniffed by unauthorized users.
Blistering Fast Connectivity
With an integrated Gigabit chipset that allows a higher bandwidth throughput at up to 10x the speed of conventional 10/100 Mbps devices, we ensure a smooth network transmission that delivers high resolution graphics and crystal clear video flawlessly.
Lan Port
10/100 Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
KE Matrix Manager
The KE Matrix Manager is a web based GUI for management of all ATEN KE6900/KE6940 devices on your network. It provides an easy way to manage users and create custom connections between devices to suit your installation. For security, the software supports AES-128 bit encryption, Radius, LDAP, AD and local user authentication for multiple layers of secure access.
The Dashboard provides a view of connections, sessions and on-line devices at a glance with event logging for each action occurring over the network.
Device Management
Device Management provides four menu bar items: User Stations, Transmitters, Targets and Profiles. Each page offers an easy way to add, configure, and manage the Transmitters, Receivers, and their connections. Flexibility allows our devices to be connected in many different ways
User Management
User Management is used to create user accounts and groups for authorized access that is available over the network.
The Systems page is used to configure the KE Matrix Manager's global settings allowing configuration and control of your installation – how you like it.
Network Switches
Network Switch
When using a point–to–multipoint or multipoint–to–multipoint installation its essential to use a Gigabit network switch with IGMP functionality to experience the best performance. IGMP is a communication protocol that is used in "one–to–many" network applications, where one device is accessed by many, such as with streaming videos online. This allows for more efficient throughput of bandwidth resources while supporting this type of setup.

The following table lists network switches that have passed ATEN's stress tests using the KE6900 series extenders. Our tests streamed content over a network with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 @60Hz, 24bit color depth at 60 frames per second.
Catalyst 2960X
More product info
Catalyst 2960XR
More product info
Catalyst 3750
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Procurve 2920
More product info
* Note :
The availability of these network switches might vary in different regions. The information is provided and owned by the respective 3rd party suppliers listed above. ATEN is not responsible for the information provided by these suppliers. If you have any questions regarding the network switches listed above, please contact one of the 3rd party suppliers listed here.