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ATEN’s HDMI fiber optic extender supports long distance transmission of up to 20 km  arrow
The HDMI Optical Extender (VE882/VE892) is ATEN’s new series of fiber optics extension solutions combining a transmitter and receiver for extending HDMI, RS-232 and IR signals by using one single fiber optic cable. The optical fiber extenders support superior video quality of up to 1080p Full HD and long distance transmission of up to 600 m for VE882 and up to 20 km for VE892. They are ideal for various applications requiring long distance transmission of high quality HDMI content, such as government, airport, military, university campuses, industrial monitoring applications and large-scale conference sites.
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Simple Connection

ATEN HDMI Optical Extender, a point-to-point solution, uses one single fiber optic cable for the connection of transmitter and receiver units to provide easy and quick installation. With its compact Small Form-factor Pluggable modules, it can also simplify the maintenance process and reduce maintenance costs.
  Excellent Resolution

ATEN’s HDMI Optical Extender utilizes the unique FPGA design which offers clock regeneration to ensure exceptional high resolution video performance. The product delivers HDMI content (3D, Deep Color) up to 20 km using one single-mode fiber optic cable. Engineered for reliability and long distance transmission, it uses fiber optic technology to eliminate signal delays between transmitter and receiver units and is immune against electromagnetic interference.
  Affordable Solution

Taking advantage of state-of-the-art fiber technology, the HDMI Optical Extender is able to transmit HDMI, RS-232 and IR signals via one single fiber optic cable. Unlike expensive multi-mode fiber optic cables, the single-mode fiber is more flexible and affordable, providing long-range extension of HDMI signals and reduction of cabling costs.
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Digital Signage

ATEN HDMI Optical Extender uses single-mode fiber technology to deliver high-definition videos over long distance between buildings, throughout a stadium, or between university campuses.

Secure environment

ATEN HDMI Optical Extender that supports electrical isolation can protect sensitive information in secure environments. It can be used in emergency operation centers, military, and government.

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