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ATEN Unveils New Power Management Series and Innovative Video Solutions at CeBIT 2012
Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Taipei, Taiwan (February 24, 2012) – ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, is set to unveil new technologies and product innovations in the fields of KVM switching, power management and video solutions at this year's CeBIT 2012 in Hanover / Germany (March 6 – 10, hall 11 / booth D01). For the first time, the NRGence™ product line, designed for more energy efficiency in server rooms, will be presented to a wide audience. Other trade show highlights are the VanCryst™ HDMI Media Distribution Solution (MDS) for professional video applications and - as trade show premier – the HDMI video switch VS482 designed for A/V installers and home cinema enthusiasts.

“At this year's CeBIT, we show a 360° management concept for modern IT infrastructures, which are facing high demands on flexibility, efficiency and scalability due to current trends such as cloud computing, green IT and virtualization. For the first time, we'll present our NRGence product line which provides a more efficient power management,“ says Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. “The second main focus we have for our exhibition presentation is video. With new VanCryst products, we have exciting solutions for video enthusiasts on board.“

NRGence™ for the green data center
For the intelligent energy use in data centers, ATEN has developed the NRGence product line. Among others, it offers a new generation of PDUs (power distribution units): the “eco PDU“ series allowing IT managers to control and monitor the power status of attached devices and optimize the energy consumption. With more products, such as the eco Sensors and energy boxes, the NRGence product family is a comprehensive solution for the “green“ data center.

The Eco PDUs offer real-time power monitoring, early warning notifications when thresholds are reached, and power control via a TCP/IP connection. They also provide real-time and continuous Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI) data to measure and analyze the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). First models are:
• PE6108: 8 outlets, 15A (UL derated 12A) / 10A, PDU Power Measurement
• PE6208: 8 outlets, 20A (UL derated 16A) / 16A, PDU Power Measurement
• PE8108: 8 outlets, 15A (UL derated 12A) / 10A, Outlet Power Measurement
• PE8208: 8 outlets, 20A (UL derated 16A) / 16A, Outlet Power Measurement


The HDMI Media Distribution Solution (MDS) is comprised of the four-port VS1804T or eight-port VS1808T HDMI over Cat 5 splitter in conjunction with the VE800R HDMI extender. It is a flexible, scalable solution for transferring full HD multimedia content and HDCP data from one HDMI input source to four or eight displays. The HDMI MDS with signal transmission via Cat 5e cables allows users to set up the display device 60 meters from the HDMI source device. At the transmission destination, the HDMI extender VE800R converts the incoming Cat 5 signals and provides a standard HDMI interface. In addition, the HDMI MDS is cascadable to three levels for an easy and flexible expansion of the installation, so that the signals can be sent to thousands of displays. With an excellent high-definition resolution of up to 1080p, it supports high contrast, vibrant colors and 3D content. The VS1804T / VS1808T also offers a bi-directional RS-232 serial interface which enables system control through a high-end controller.


The 4-port VS482 Dual View HDMI Switch is designed for A/V installers and home theater enthusiasts. It supports four HDMI A/V input sources and two HDMI output displays, thus, allowing users to switch fast, easily and independently between the source devices that are connected to the destination screens. The VS482 complies with the HDMI standards, supports 3D video and ATEN's Audio Return Channel (ARC) technology. With this functionality, users can connect an HDMI cable to the ARC port to distribute audio from a source device to an A/V receiver – no additional audio cable is needed. The VS482 features an intuitive OSD menu (On Screen Display) providing the user with comfortable control options for video, audio, system configuration and information. Combined with the VE810 HDMI Extender, the solution supports an excellent video resolution for long distance transmissions of up to 40 meters (1920 x 1080 Pixel and 1920 x 1200 Pixel) or 60 meters (1080i).


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