Data Center
The Data Center can be considered a "Large Server Co-Location Facility". A Data Center is where the necessary facilities such as computer hardware, security measures, temperature & humidity control and the support engineers are in place before the servers and bandwidth are provided for companies to use. As the dedicated server room must provide reliable uptimes exceeding 99.999%, effective administration is required to avoid serious consequences from preventable errors. The KVM solution has the features of resource simplification and sharing as well as many advanced functions that meet the needs of existing IT environments. For example, due to IP network's capability of offering remote support, this makes it not only an important part of an IDC deployment but also the best partner for network administrators.
> CAT 5 Matrix KVM Switch :
Faced with increasing expansion of corporate server rooms, the KM series allows a flexible solution to be provided for different numbers of computer hardware and managers. Its innovative design allows it to use both the Cascade and Daisy Chain link methods to let dozens of command consoles manage thousands of server computers independently, proving corporations with a flexible deployment solution. Corporations can expand their system or equipment gradually according to their development timetable. They will also at the same time be able to expand their server room and system administrator numbers on a flexible basis in the most economic manner, enabling the optimization of management benefits.
What Advantages does the CAT 5 Matrix KVM Switch Offer the Data Center?
  • Flexible expandability:
    Through different link methods dozens of command consoles can independently manage thousands of server computers, achieving the goal of expansion.
  • Cost Effectiveness:
    Greatly reduce the hardware requirements of the data center. By using CAT5 connection cables use of server room space is reduced and takes up only 1U of rack space.
    Can support multiple operation systems simultaneously: Windows, Linux, Mac and Sun.
  • Independent Administration Capability:
    The precision of the matrix architecture allows for the effective integration of server room administration operations.
    Each local command console can independently control all server computers connected to it and not be affected by other command consoles.
  • Triple Layered Password Protection Security Mechanism:
    1.Super Administrator 2.Administrator 3.User
  • Easy to Install with a Wide Range of Applications:
    It's easy to install and can easily integrate the existing computer architecture of an enterprise. Simply connect the right cables and the installation process is complete without the need for any software.
Success stories of enterprises using CAT 5 Matrix KVM Switch:
> KVM Over the NET :
KVM Over the Net - The KN series allows the server computer's user or administrator to easily control a remote computer over the Internet or LAN. In the beginning software such as PC-Anywhere was used to conduct remote control, but the difference between the two is that the KVM Over the Net is User Transparent and OS transparent system architecture. The Server or PC being controlled does not require any drivers or software to be installed in order to operate. Servers or PCs connected using KVM Over the Net can also be turned on or off using the control browser's Power Module.
> Power Over the NET :
The Power over the Net solution - The PN series is an independent control solution that uses TCP/IP network connectivity to remotely control the power of multiple powered hardware (such as servers, hubs and routers). The server room administrator can use any computer connected to the Internet to remotely execute functions such as shut down, turn on or reset of computers. This series of products also comes with built-in surge protection and restoration, saving the user from the high costs of on-site service.
> Serial Over the NET :
With the rapid developments in IT infrastructure today, IT administrators must meet the challenge of managing multiple dissimilar complex IT systems in a corporate environment such as servers, routers, switches and other devices. In this environment an IP-based remote serial device management solution the SN series can help the system administrator conduct virtual servicing and device troubleshooting remotely, making it the optimal solution for enhancing corporate productivity.
Effect of Serial over the Net on Data Center:
  • Efficient Central Control:
    Serial Over the NET is a control unit that provides remote serial access to a maximum of eight (SN0108) or sixteen (SN0116) servers or other serial IT devices (hubs, routers, power management devices, etc.)
  • No distance Too Far:
    Via TCP/OP connection, multi-users can logged in simultaneously from any computer connected to the Internet, whether it is down the hall or half way across the world.
  • Out of Brand Configuration (OOBC):
    Out of Band Configuration allows you to user the RS-232 interface to access the SN Series. Through this application, you can manage all the devices attached to the SN Series locally or through dial in Modem access.
  • Plug-n-Play:
    Installation is fast and easy: plugging cables into their appropriate ports is all that is entailed. No additional software is needed for either setup or operations. The firmware for SN Series is upgradeable over the net, so you can stay current with the latest improvements simply by downloading updates from our website.
  • Security:
    The SN series are equipped with internal and external user authentication methods and port-specific access rights. The Administrator may set different access rights to all or individual ports to specific users. allowing for customized security.
> Guardian Over the NET :
The Guardian Over the NET solution - The GN series allows the server room administrator using the product to monitor remote locations over the Internet and then adjust the server room's various environmental parameters (such as temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke and current) and watch for abnormal events. When there's an abnormal situation it will give an alarm, ensuring that the data center or server room environment remains at the optimal operating conditions at all times.