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Industry Solutions
Digital Signage
An increasing number of public places – such as shopping malls, plazas, bus terminals, hospitals, banks, cinemas, and many other locations where groups of people gather – are moving away from traditional poster advertising and information displays; turning to digital signage, instead.

One advantage of digital signage is that traditional advertising is static and quickly becomes boring, whereas digital signage constantly changes color, shape, and wording to produce a dynamic impact when delivering a product's marketing message or introducing a company's corporate image. Another huge advantage of digital signage is that its messages are delivered in real time. Presenting up to the minute schedule information in locations such as airports, train terminals, and bus stations is critical for passengers having to make connections – something static displays, which quickly become outdated, are unable to achieve in a speedy and efficient manner.

To help these sites satisfy the demand for real-time, content rich information transmission and make the most effective use of digital signage, ATEN has developed a number of solutions that deliver high quality audio/video data over extended distances from a single source to multiple displays located throughout the public area.
Consumer Electronics – Chain Stores
To help customers compare the video quality of the various brands and models of TVs and monitors that they have for sale... more
Tailored Products: VS0108H / VS184
Transportation Centers
In order to deliver up to the minute schedule information to their passengers, transportation hubs such as airports... more
Tailored Products: VS1208T, VE170R / VE170RQ
Media Facilities
Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities set up A/V displays in public areas, such as waiting rooms and lobbies... more
Tailored Products: VS1504, VB552, VE200R
The digital signage systems of many retail stores integrate kiosk billing functions with advertising capabilities... more
Tailored Products: VS1504, VB552, VE200R
Shopping Malls
Shopping malls are moving to digital signage displays to deliver marketing information to their customers... more
Tailored Products: VS1804T / VS1808T, VE800R
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