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Industry Solutions / Digital Signage
Consumer Electronics – Chain Stores
To help customers compare the video quality of the various brands and models of TVs and monitors that they have for sale, electronics stores usually have all the displays lined up next to each other and send the same video source content to all of them. Under these conditions, it is essential to have a video splitter capable of duplicating high quality audio/video output from the source device to each of the displays so that the customer can accurately judge the true video performance of each display.
Tailored Products

product VS0108H
8-Port HDMI Splitter
product VS184
4-Port HDMI Splitter
  • Dependable HDMI Transmission
  • Expandable – provides up to 512 HDMI Displays
  • HDMI (3D)
  • Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio
Solution Features

  • Multiple Displays
High-quality audio/video content can be transmitted to multiple displays in real time
  • Extended Displays
Display devices can be situated up to 20 m away from the source device while still maintaining high quality output
  • Audio Support
High quality audio permits more sophisticated multimedia content to be delivered to the display


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