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Industry Solutions / Digital Signage
Transportation Centers
In order to deliver up to the minute schedule information to their passengers, transportation hubs such as airports, railroad terminals, and bus stations deploy monitors throughout their location. The ATEN Media Distribution Solution allows constantly updated real time information to be transmitted over extended distances and displayed on all the monitors throughout the installation.
Tailored Products

product VS1208T
8-Port A/V Over Cat 5 Splitter
product VE170R/VE170RQ
A/V Over Cat 5 Receiver
  • A/V Signal Distribution
  • Extended Transmission Distance – up to 300 m
  • Cat 5e Cable Connection
  • Deskew Support
Solution Features

  • Multiple Displays
High-quality audio/video content can be transmitted to multiple displays in real time
  • Extended Displays
Display devices can be situated up to 300 m away from the source device while still maintaining high quality output
  • Simplified Cabling
Cat 5e cabling eliminates bulky traditional cables; allows transmission over greater distances; and makes for a neat, efficient, uncluttered work environment


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