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ATEN Sensor-enabled eco PDU provides you with a real time Rack Cooling Index (RCI)® and dynamic power analysis to protect IT equipment from excess heat or insufficient power capacity
According to a report from McKinsey & Company, there are over 44 million servers worldwide, and on average, each server consumes 400 watts of power, which equals 3500 kWh every year. So, the total worldwide server consumption is 154 billion kWh of energy every year, which is very considerable. However, the power used by air conditioners to keep these servers operational, if we use a power efficiency average of 0.3 per server room, reaches as high as 600 billion kWh of power, and this number continues to grow. Therefore, it is very meaningful to find out how to use the power efficiently, increase the server room’s power usage efficiency and reduce the number of unused servers in order to suppress global warming brought on by the greenhouse effect.
ATEN has focused on data center server management and increasing the performance of enterprise servers. The excellent results are very obvious. Facing the problem of global warming, ATEN has taken on a further responsibility – ATEN has used its accumulated research and development strength as a basis, learned about the harmonious mechanisms of the ecological balance of nature, and developed a new generation of intelligent PDUs to effectively increase the efficiency of data center power usage.
Sensor-enabled eco PDU isn’t just another smart PDU or intelligent PDU
Generally speaking, an intelligent PDU refers to a PDU that transmits the power usage status of IT equipment through the internet to use for analytical purposes for power management. For example, it is able to grasp the power consumption information of a data center within a specific period or a certain department’s power usage status, and by connecting a hygrograph to it, it can also provide the environment’s temperature and humidity data.
Sensor-enabled eco PDU offers remote power control combined with real-time power measurement – allowing you to control and monitor the power status of IT equipment attached to the PDUs, either at the PDU or outlet level, from practically any location via a TCP/IP connection. It helps you to minimize power costs and ensure high levels of system availability for your data center.

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