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>> Sensor-enabled eco PDU provides various useful features as bellows.
Remote Power Control
By simply clicking a button on the UI, administrators can
power control the connected IT equipment with ease.
There is no longer any need to move around the data
center turning equipment on and off.
Real-time Monitoring
With PDU/Outlet level metering, IT administrators can easily monitor the real-time current, voltage, kWH, and circuit breaker status of all connected IT equipment from a remote console.
Overcurrent Protection
Built-in overcurrent protection and recovery saves your
money by eliminating costly onsite service calls. With
eco PDU products, you have the ability to access your
data center any time and deal with any situation that
may occur – entirely immediately and effectively.
Easy Operation – eco Sensors
With eco Sensors management software support, the eco
PDU offers an intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User
Interface – allowing you to configure a PDU device and
monitor power status of the equipment connected to it
via an ease-to-use interface.
Advanced Security

Secure 128-bit SSL encryption
Two-level password security
Login Failures – The number of consecutive failed login
attempts and the time a remote computer must wait
before trying again can be set
Configurable user permissions for outlet level access
and control
Power Management
eco PDU products are designed with up to 8/20 outlets for easy data center management. Each outlet can be individually controlled so that users can set the power on/off sequence and delay time for each outlet separately. In addition, On/Off scheduling allows administrators to configure start, shutdown, and restart times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Rack Environment Monitoring
The eco PDU supports external, environment sensors
that allow administrators to monitor temperature and
humidity of the rack environment from just about
anywhere in the world.
Event Log Support
The eco PDU supports event log function that records all the events that take place on – including user login/logout, timeout, outlet ON/OFF/Reboot by user, user add/delete/changed, eco PDU add/remove and FW upgrade.
External Authentication Support
The eco PDU supports login authorization management
from external sources – RADIUS.
Multi Sites Centralized Management
Combining with ALTUSEN's products gives IT administrators the advantages of centralized control over the entire eco PDU installation in different sites.
Power Analysis Report
The Sensor-enabled eco PDU offers comprehensive power
analysis reports which can separate departments andloca-


Precise power consumption value: Precise measuring of
current, voltage, power and energy, real-time display.
Real-time data collection: Collects data in real-time.
Power consumption analysis decision:
Displays trend charts in real-time or according to day,
consumption needs for each of the four seasons. By
knowing the actual power consumption trend, it helps
allocate the power resources without waste and
prevents wasted power capacity.

Early Warning Notification
The eco PDU permits data center administrators to set custom thresholds for current and kWH. When levels exceed the user defined thresholds, designated recipients can receive alarm notifications via SMTP email, SNMP traps, or Syslog. An audio alarm can also sound and lights with blink at the local site.